Suicide solves nothing.

It solves nothing for anyone. Your family is worse off than before, as are All the people who knew you

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forget about everyone else for now

the person didn't solve the problems
because problems don't disappear with death

does inner turmoil disappear with death?

Suicide solves all of that person's problem. Assuming you have no religion, what argument could you use to tell a person they'd regret suicide? There is none. Family and friends are sad? Oh, well. The person is dead, what do they care? And the F&F are going to die soon, too.

If the person was a horrific monster, then many are relieved when the individual takes themselves out of the picture. A clear example would be when a mass murderer turns the gun on himself. That is suicide but also a relief that the families of the victims or the taxpayers will never have to wonder again the fate of that person. In my opinion, this case was self solved and ended appropriately.

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