Which celebrity do you share your birthday with?

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Johnny Depp, but why does this seem like a phishing scam?

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he reminds me of Mr. Bean
aaand my psychics teacher in high school looked like Mr. Bean

all three of them look similar to me

Eddie Griffin
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Cabbage Patch Dolls
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my birthday isn't all that famous

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OHH I get it
because he's a comedian

I added a bunch of stuff

Willow Smith (For anyone who doesn't know, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's daughter)

Christopher Columbus

Vanilla Ice (For anyone who doesn't know, the guy that sings "Ice Ice Baby" If you don't know the song, I can't help you there)

Others that I've never heard of

Ariana granda

Miley Cyrus

I honestly don't know.

Marnie from the first three Halloweentowns

Gary Oldman

@tyedie95 Gary Oldman

Are you a Potterhead?

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justin beiber, kesha, and the actor who played zack on saved by the bell. marcj 1

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Martin sheen graduated from a precursor to the school I go to now.

Sir Francis Bacon, the founder of the Scientific Method, yay!

Steve Perry, the "singer" for Journey -- gack!

It's also Roe v Wade Day. When people talk about my birth and abortion on the same day, they come away from it a little more pro-choice, hahahaha 😂

George Lucas, Mark Zuckerberg, Miranda Cosgrove

Neil Patrick Harris and Courtney Cox and Helen Hunt

I dont know much

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