When you're a loser and a loner, money is all you care about at this point of your life, amirite?!

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not gonna lie

money indirectly buys happiness, i.e. prostitutes, video games, candy, food that will allow you to continue living, etc.

Once you have a lot of money, things seem to work better. However, it's easier to build a fortune if you have partners.

money don't disrespect me and don't care if I disrespect it. amirite?

I'm a loser and a loner. You know what I care about? Success and companionship, strangely enough. And I see no link between money and that.

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dunno, never been any of the above.

@Ebtisam too cocky!

Maybe. Money is not all I care about so if I am a looser or a loner then I guess OP is wrong.

@Ebtisam but you just said you've never been any of the above.

Yes but according to Boole, a false antecedent validates any consequent. This can be proven through judicial application of DeMorgan's Law.

p q p -> q

true dat. :D it gives a purpouce and a good goal to put your energy into..plus there is no one to distract you from this goal and/or leach off your finances and ruin your plans for the evening :D

I'm a loner. Unfortunately all i want is to not be that any more. I suppose finances are my second priority, although that is all that's working out for me at this point. It seems that i may have a real opportunity to not be a loner anymore but i'm having a really hard time putting it in motion.

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