do you pick sides or are you a neutral?

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Depends. Do I feel like taking a side? If not I'll be neutral. Oh wait, that's what everyone does.

I'm indecisive at times
so I go with neutral or the middle ground a lot of the times

You should make a follow up post to this that just says "How do you feel about the issues?"

Depend on my mood

If it's something I feel strongly about. But must of the time, I tend to stay neutral.

I'm neutral almost always.

For the most part, I'm nuetral unless it goes against the few morals I have.

In a dictatorship being neutral is unfair!

Depends on the subject.

depends on the situation

I pick sides, it's more dramatic!

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Neither. I don't pick sides I go with the facts that determine right or wrong. The facts do all of the talking I just follow them

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