Is it okay to call your parents by their first names?

26% Yes 57% No 17% Other
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It is up to your parents (and you) my mother allows it, yet only my youngest brother uses her first name consistently, the rest of us call her by an honorific. My second brother uses "mom", my sister "mother" ( and very occasionally by her first name) and I prefer "mommy". We all called my father "dad" as that was his preference when he was alive.

depends how old you are..usually,,,,,,it aint a prob..........but i wouldnt tollerate my child callin me by my first name least until has reached puberty and can be accepted in "the grown up's world" :P

Depends how you have been raised. Some find it unnatural

Totally disrespectful - I was brought up bein told that it's disrespectful to call your parents by their first name, unless you've reached an age where they tell you that you can.

thats weird dude

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