Do you dislike people for their opinions? Why or why not?

67% Yes 33% No
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There are certain things that make me dislike people for, like killing animals simply for fun. I don't really hate anyone or anything, but people who swerve to hit turtles in the road are my least favorite kinds of people.

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so you pick yes
you do dislike for their opinion

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or maybe racist opinions?

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I think people declaring murder is fun would be more of a mindset. I don't believe any sane person would think that. Something must have happened in his or her life to make them have such a view.

I wouldn't necessarily dislike a person for saying murder is fun. I would think that circumstances in their life did something to abject their view on life.

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Yeah, I can understand that.

I guess I would just feel sad for the person.

because I dislike the opinion

there's more to a person than that opinion I dislike

I don't dislike anyone

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I can understand

in terms of prejudice
I wouldn't automatically dislike based on the opinion
it would depend more on their behavior/treatment/attitude

it's one thing to have an opinion
and it's another to have action associated with it

the action is what might cross me over to dislike

and likely
if someone is prejudiced
they acted on it

If I went around disliking people for their opinions, a lot of people would be scorned by me, including my family.

Opinions are how people see life. Everyone sees life differently. There's no reason to dislike a person that doesn't believe what I believe, doesn't think the way I do, or has a different view on life than me.

Is like to think, being the realist that I am, that I judge people based on facts not opinions but I know that isn't true and that if someone thinks differently than I that I judge them

It's hard not to. I think it's something of a natural urge to distrust people who hold radically different views to you...I guess for me, it's when their "opinion" is actually presented by them as some kind of gospel truth or fact. I hate those who are 100% sure that their opinions are actually facts and that we are all stupid for disagreeing with them

I said yes because peopel call things like racism and sexism "opinions", so if you are a racist douchebag who hates women of course i dislike you.

@TommyUK1234 You clearly don't agree. Care to say why?

Some things need to be weeded out of society. I don't think acceptance of racism or misogyny is good. People are hurt and killed bc of that shit.

@Trish Some things need to be weeded out of society. I don't think acceptance of racism or misogyny is good. People are...

Did I say we have to accept racism and misogyny? I said we had to accept people's RIGHT to hold whatever opinion it is they have of something, and endeavor to get them to change it willingly if it's what we believe to be right. Ordering people how to think is unacceptable.

@Trish I said yes because peopel call things like racism and sexism "opinions", so if you are a racist douchebag who hates...

Just to play devil's advocate for a second...what you call sexism and racism might well be the opinion of others. It is their right to hold such an opinion, even if you abhor it and disagree on every level. it is not the place of others within a society to order people how to think about something, but rather convince them that your way of thinking is right, and have them genuinely believe it.

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quite a big leap from dislike to war

sadly, it is the only reason why i dislike some people

Everyones entitled to their own opinion. if you dont like others opinions, why are you on this site? Amirite? Not saying you need to like their opinions, but atleast respect it, like an adult.

It's not necessarily that I hate people for certain opinions they have, but if I can see that their opinions are extremely close minded and/or harmful than that would cause me to at least dislike them.

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I think the line is drawn based on the cause of the opinion. If someone has a destructive opinion from a psychological thing, society, disease, parents, religion, etc., it would be hard for me to dislike them. More of a pity feeling. I can't really think of an opinion that I'd dislike which isn't caused by something out of the opinioned person's control.

I don't dislike people for their opinions because everybody is entitled to each his own. I may not agree with what somebody says, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends, or that they a "lesser person" than me.

Depends. I usually try my best to respect people's opinions. Say if someone didn't support gay rights. That's fine; doesn't make them a bad person even if I disagree. Now say that they do something because of their opinion. Hate crimes, just to say. If it was like that, then yes, they can go and shove it.

Well usually I don´t seem to do that.

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dislike =/= hate


because one finds the opinion to be hateful, cruel, heinous, disgusting, inhumane, intolerant, etc.

I sure don't...everyone is entitled to their own opinion...If everyone agreed 100 percent of the time...the world would be a boring place. :)

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