The Yup’ik believe that if they cannot fish, the spirit will be offended and it will not return. This cycle between humans and animals perpetuates the seasons; without that, a new year will not follow the old one. You would hate it if global warming killed your god. Amirite?

When Global Warming Kills Your GodTwenty-three Alaskan tribesmen broke the law when they overfished king salmon, but they claim their faith gave them no other choice.http://www.theatlantic.com/features/archive/2014/06/when-global-warming-kills-your-god/372015/
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Loaded question. But I get where you're going

Probably, but our god killed the entire human race except for one family, so, yeah .... We're not going to be too surprised when he wants us destroyed again.

He's probably causing global warming, because we puny humans surely can't be to blame.

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The beliefs of these people are important. Their impact on the King Salmon is not likely to upset the balance of nature. They should be allowed to follow their beliefs.