You are sexually frustrated when you're single & haven't had sex in over two months.

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I've never been in a relationship, never had sex, and I wouldn't say that I'm sexual, frustrated, or sexually frustrated.

@scientist_katt Because you've never experienced the sensation of sex

I'm single and haven't had sex in two months, though. There is no addressing of virgins in your post.

@scientist_katt but I stated in over two months, Therefore implying

And I haven't in over two months. Your responsibility as writer is to effectively communicate to your audience. If two people have commented with the same thoughts, clearly the implication was lacking.

Hmmm... Single... Haven't had sex in the past two months (or 16 years)... Nope not frustrated yet

Pff try 5+ years

@Kumquat Pff try 5+ years

I couldn't. How can you?

@scientist_katt I couldn't. How can you?

Oh, you probably could given the same situation, i wouldn't recommend it though.


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