Why'd you choose your username?

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That's one way to do it

-this kid in my class named James nicknamed me fuzala based off my name Mahfuza and my nickanme fuza in the 10th grade
-I decided to make this my facebook link
-I joined amirite using fb so amirite automatically used the username from my fb link

the end

@JohnJillky Swagtastic.

Why'd you choose your username, John?

@Keep_Shining_Diamond Why'd you choose your username, John?

For this site, it's just a named I've used for years. It's NEVER taken. You could say it stemmed from me thinking about Jack and Jill one time. I can't remember much else.

My first account ever was on Club Penguin. At the time my favourite colour was blue and my favourite animal was a cat, so i combined it and changed it to make it look more hip. Been using it ever since.

I was thinking about how Favvkes was Fawkes and I thought it was really cool. So this popped into my head and I instantly thought I was fabulous.

@JohnJillky Saywha?

There was a really active user names Favvkes. But the two v's made a w, so it was Fawkes, like in Harry Potter. I thought it was clever. I looked at my keyboard and saw the underscore key, probably. And I was like "oh my damn if I make my username 'W_' I'll be sooo clever, too. But for some reason it wouldn't let me make that my username, probably because it was too short. So I typed out 'wunderscore' and thought I was too fabulous.

@Wunderscore There was a really active user names Favvkes. But the two v's made a w, so it was Fawkes, like in Harry Potter. I...

Interesting, when I saw Fawkes I thought of Guido (Guy) Fawkes rather than the phoenix, Fawkes, who I had assumed JK named after Guy. Guy being the inspiration of the movie V for Vendetta which also has two "V"s. Guy Fawkes is also the inspiration for the revolutionary group and meme Anonymous

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My name comes from the movie Neighbors(1981) John Belushi's last movie. The character "Vic Zinc" played by Dan Aykroyd was a total nut bag.

The test market audience came away from the movie "confused". So the studio rushed it to market opening nationwide the next week and managed to pull in $28million before the word got out about how bad the movie was.

I loved it.

The soundtrack included "Holiday in Cambodia" by the Dead Kennedys plus some songs by the Bee Gees and The Doors.

The movie was filled with odd exchanges like this one...

Vic Zinc: Do I have to pound it out of you?
Earl Keese: Don't ever speak to me like that in my own house!
Vic Zinc: Why would I?
Earl Keese: You just did.
Vic Zinc: I didn't mean anything - it's just something a guy says.
Earl Keese: I never say it.
Vic Zinc: I don't blame you.

I had recently watched BBT and I kept yelling "It's a trap!" at my cat every time I saw her and I needed to get it out of my head. So later when I went on here I decided it was about time I made an account. It's not a very exciting story

I couldn't think of a username, so I went to Howrse, a site I love and frequent, and was browsing through the names of my horses. My horses have a lot of creative names. I had a horse (actually 2) named Brown Mist, and I just replaced brown with blind.

Or, I had a horse named Blind Mist...and decided to use that name.

Either way the story goes, I chose my name from a horse I created on a website.

(Yes, I just copied and pasted most of this from that other post 'bout usernames and passwords.)

Mine dates back to msn messager days where I would change my username every week. Every username had two random nouns like 'towel guts', 'fish pants' or 'fridge dick'.

Because I hate oranges, love orange, and also think that anything ending with -ies sounds cute.

It's my name

@Stephaknee It's my name

Wow. Your parents sure had some imagination when they spelled it lol

Because I'm not who I say I am.

Because I hate underscores. Specifically, I hate when sites force their use rather than allowing spaces.

Because i wish not to be known

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Originally, I used this username because I'm a lefty and neurologically speaking, the probability that I use the right side of my brain is pretty high. But now that that scientific fact may not be true, the only thing preventing me from changing my username is that NeuroRighty has a nice ring to it.

Because I'm awesome.

Drew Barrymore

@Craoss Cross

What are you cross about?

it's a nickname of mine

no reason. just a dumb name.

Because it's my support page's catchphrase. :3

Indepenently loging on into my email address

I have salt water in my veins

Have salt water in my veins.

@Iwannafingeryou Read it.

I'm interested in something I read recently... ;)

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Failing is just preparing to succeed.

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You will live that long? That's winning right there

You don't want to know.

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