Do you have two different sides to your opinions?

For example, I have an opinion for how I think the universe is objectively (which is technically subjective itself... but moving on) and then I have opinions for myself and others. I don't think anything can be objectively good or bad, yet, subjectively, I do think good and bad things happen.

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I have two opinions meaning (a lot of times) I have opposing thoughts about the same topic

Makes sense since I'm indecisive at times

The True side and the Punch you in the face side :P

There are assumptions underlying opposing sides of all opinions. Looking carefully and objectively at the assumptions will reveal a stronger and weaker side. Assumptions or predisposed beliefs carry us to your opinions, BUT can be invalid.

More than two.

Interesting when a politician recognizes this in herself, she is called a "flip-flopper." It seems people who don't have at least two are basically closed minded fools.

Not being able to recognize the flaws and conflicts in your opinion, position you to look silly when others point them out.