It's kind of weird that the hot people in high school are often also considered cool. That must also make them lukewarm or possibly room temperature which leaves the average person confused as to what temperature they might be personally. This is really inconsiderate, amirite?

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It doesn't matter, by the time you're done high school, you're 18, which automatically makes everyone hot. Be sure to fuck accordingly.

Fear not crunpet, there is a real world that followes. Here you will encounter the "hot" ones running the register at walmart and the cool ones washing you new car. Things change h smilie

It's great because I'm now in my 2nd year of college and all the "cool" football players and cheerleaders from high school are getting all fat. Like, I was the awkward girl that not many people paid attention to and I turned out pretty good. High school bullshit is irrelevant out in the real world. Nobody gives a shit who you were in high school and it's great.

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