Religion was made up by humans in order to control larges masses of people. Amirite?

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get your facts straight dumbass it was a group of sea turtles seeking to eliminate life on earth through religious wars

Sadly it still is used, now days the biggest conflict involving religion is the Arab-Israeli war. I've said before that I am an Arab but more exactly I am Palestinian making me very close to this situation and it frustrates me how religion can be used to justify the actions of the "Israelis" to the "mob". But on the other hand it is the only thing stopping them from taking over Palestine completely.

It upsets me about how the things are at Palestine at the moment. But if we take religion aside for a moment, Israel is trying to reclaim the land that used to belong to them. Not to offend Jewish people but they lost it thousands of years ago...and it's wrong to make people leave their homes. I mean, should Native people kick us out of Canada because it used to be their land. Should England and France give back the lands they took over centuries ago (between them). Humans are aggressive, I used to think that humans are different because they have a soul (emotions) but most tend to use it in a negative,selvish ways. We are not different than animals...maybe some are kind..truly.

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