Those who are atheists because they believe that science explains everything should be good at the subject. Amirite?

They should have a good understanding of it, since they believe so passionately about how science is the way to go.

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I believe that everything has a scientific explanation, regardless of whether or not I, or anyone else, is aware of the cause.

Those who are theists because they believe that god created everything should be good at creating?

If they say that current science has all the answers they should know what they should have a basic fundamental understanding about what they are talking about. But saying that everything has a naturalistic cause is the logical view of the

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I am an atheist with a scientific mind, but I am not good at every specialized area in the scientific field. I know that eventually everything which we seek the explanation for will be explainable in scientific and mathematical terms (if humankind manages to live that long).

Science requires a lot of math and some people just don't have brains that can process numerical skills I know I can't

In saying that, you should also hold Christians to the same standards. They should be good at the subject of christianity and the bible, but often are not. I'm no science expert, nor do I claim to be but that doesn't make my beliefs less valid.