What would the world be like if you were god?

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All the girls would have "daddy issues" that worked in my favor - if you know what I mean wink wink

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Well I always killed my characters on the Sims so..

Probably a lot more logical than the Christians view of the world. For starters I wouldn't burn the people who don't think I'm real.

It would look however each of my children wanted it to look. One child might want a world where mice were the most intelligent creatures. Poof! The other might want a world where people eat each other. Well... Okay. Poof! I would just want to please those little brats!

We would be able to eat as much as we wanted without becoming fat.

Who knows?

hell of a mess

World Peace galore and everyone would be happy (I hate sounding so sarcastic)

Mostly the same, slightly less fearful

I could fool myself and say i would stop war, end world hunger and make world peace. Though, truthfully, i wouldn't do any of the above. in my opinion, anything such as those would be a lie. A mask. A façade. Because, honestly, the world would is as crap the day before as it would be tomorrow. This is how I believe the world survives, a sort of twisted harmony.

A world with a much smaller, healthy. Trustworthy, satisfied, wealthy group of humans living on it, no prisons no criminals no taxation, no problem.

Based on my track record I'm not sure there would be a world.

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