Who inspires you?

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My butt is puckered

Adora Svitak

I'd say a lot of people. It's not always this massive thing but if I twist the word a bit, eh.

See someone littering? I'm inspired to not be like them.

See someone being a nice person? I'm inspired to be like them.

People don't necessarily "inspire" me as much as they sway my actions one way or another.

People don't inspire me so much as their actions do.

Taylor Swift. Bryke. Mulan.

Jesus, Gandhi, JFK,RFK,MLK, Buddha,Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene

Bobby Plump and Dwight Schrute

grahman hancock, author

my severely disabled son


My wife, she makes every day worth living.

Feminists, Roller girls, punk rock girls, my mom, and any strong female really

Lots of people maybe everyone

Barack Obama inspires me to take every opportunity to speak against the folly of liberalism.
Like right now.

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