You don't understand the appeal of casinos, amirite?

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Sometimes the hotel I'm staying has one attached. And I'll go play like a penny slot and then I can get free drinks all night! So that's pretty appealing.

Perhaps it's just because I work at one, but I don't think I'll ever go to one when I legally can. I'm not keen on wasting money.

I seem to see a lot more disappointed folk leaving than winners. It's also depressing to see some of the regulars who clearly have a problem.

It could also partly be that my casino is pretty shitty. Like, I KNOW there's waaay better casinos out there.

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But the payout is slim, right?

I normally play blackjack. Then I feel I have at least a little bit of control. Also had a dealer once tell me that roulette tables are typically at the front of a casino table games (after the slots) because it's easier to lose with those.

Never been to one. Don't have any plans to go to one any time soon either lol (since I have pennies to my name)

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I find them boring and a waste of money and time.

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I wish they weren't so appealing to me.

There was a small one on a boat I was on once, and it was a decently entertaining way for me to lose $20

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If I ever come across some extra cash, I'll take about $80 to one (very rarely... like maybe once every 3 or 4 months). I go, socialize, drink, and gamble slowly. If I'm winning, I put the $80 back in my pocket and forget about it. The rest of the night is played with my winnings. Sometimes I win more, sometimes I lose it. If I lose my $80, I'm done. I cuss the casino and the length of time before I go back will be longer.

But winning is very exciting. I can definitely see the appeal. Is winning going to happen every time? Definitely not.

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My grandpa wins all the time (usually around $500). He's won a car before. Sometimes he loses but he's smart enough that if he starts losing, he won't spend all his money trying to win it back.

I can't say the same for his son (my uncle). He lost over $50,000 from gambling addiction. He would have opportunities to get his money back but whenever he would be up say $1500, he'd just bet bigger and lose bigger.

They got boose and weirdos fun ensues!

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