Isn't it beautiful, and awe inspiring, when you look up at the vast expanse of space in the night sky, and you think that all the stars you see, are just a few of the billions of stars in the galaxy in which you live, and that galaxy is just one of trillions of galaxies in the known universe. Then you think about how life, could only, potentially arise in less than a percent, of a percent, of a percent, of a percent, of the matter in the known universe. Then we think about the vast expanse of time stretching 13.8billion years back to the Big Bang, and inconceivably into the future, and that this moment will be gone in an instant, never to be experienced again. This is where meaning in life comes from, not from beliefs, but in making each moment we live our insignificant lives, a better one than the one which preceded it, filled with more happiness, joy, and love. It makes the problems of the world seem so small, and it's where I derive my own personal morality from.