Boredom is a choice. Amirite?

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Perhaps laziness

Doesn't feel like creative thinking

Boredom is the easier choice

fuzalas avatar fuzala Yeah You Are +1Reply

Boredom happens to boring people. The rest of us are too busy to notice

JohnTs avatar JohnT Yeah You Are +2Reply

The most powerful tool you have is your brain. There is no reason why a person can't entertain yourself. Having all 5 senses at your mercy should be huge entertainment to pull upon.

Merlins avatar Merlin Yeah You Are +2Reply

Well I never had that much money but I could always intertain myself. Now of days I have just recently gotten into computers, and enjoy seeing other peoples points of view and of course sounding off on mine. I love to read to much.

DocFreemans avatar DocFreeman Yeah You Are +2Reply

Any one who is bored is not using their brain

DocFreemans avatar DocFreeman Yeah You Are +1Reply

If you are born in a free country with all 5 senses in working order and your have the money to afford a computer and the mind to know how to use, read it and learn from it... there is absolutely NO reason you have to be bored. But, above and beyond that ... There is a BEAUTIFUL WORLD AND EARTH WE LIVE ON TO LEARN FROM AND BE A PART OF!!!! How in the "World" could you be bored??? :) :) :):)

Merlins avatar Merlin Yeah You Are +1Reply

Everyone gets bored, it's just a matter of how you're going to fix your boredom.

cali93s avatar cali93 No Way +1Reply

hi mahfuza

@eldorito hi mahfuza

Hey Austin

I don't see you on facebok much these days smirk2 smilie

fuzalas avatar fuzala Yeah You Are 0Reply
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Mind over matter

it's all about your mindset

One quote:
If you're unhappy, change the situation
if you can't change the situation, change your mindset

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Obviously dad can't quit so he should change his perspective

generally speaking
Today, life is more comfortable and convenient
yet the people of the past (despite their hardships) were happier

appreciation goes a long way

fuzalas avatar fuzala Yeah You Are 0Reply

If boredom is choice...I would like to choose it for tomorrowhehe smilie

I got a really busy day.

It's not always convenient to just "go out and have fun" or to "do something". Not everyones lives are exciting..

Damis avatar Dami No Way 0Reply

I don't really see how you can stop being bored when 40 percent of your job is repetitive motions and the rest is a combo of standing around, dealing with bull, and Trying to explain simple things to stupid people

sometimes nothign catches your attention and boredom is so strong you can't do anythign about it.

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