Weekend is here. Your in the mood for an Asian restaurant all is well until your "non-Asian" waitress comes to take your order. You get up to go to the B.R. and see that the cooks are all non-Asian. The music is in English. Did I miss something here? If I go to any ethnic restaurant I want the entire ambiance.

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The only thing that matters to me is - does the food seem authentic. If it is cooked by pink people in dresses, I don't care. I went to an vietnamese place once, everyone who worked there was "authentic" looking. The cook used frozen diced "mixed vegetables" like you get in a grade school cafeteria, to make the fried rice. Another place tried to substitute sliced cabbage for the lily petals in my moo shu pork. The waitress/ owner with a heavy Chinese accent tried to tell my that Americans don't like the taste of the petals. I have never returned to either place. But I have had some very fine Phat Thai made by cooks who look like they have never been to ChinaTown that alone to Thailand.