Do you believe that cyber-bullying is a real form of bullying? Why or why not?

In modern societies many topics that were once considered human nature, and or didn't exist at all until technological advancement, are now seen as hideous crimes. Cyber-bullying is one. it is the idea that when on internet it is possible to be harassed, possibly to the point of self-harm or suicide. My concern is with whether or not anyone here truly believes it to be a crime. On one side, you could say that the person being "bullied" could just turn off their computer. That is, if you see cyber-bullying as just an act of typing rude slander/libel that should not affect how people feel mentally, emotionally, and physically about themselves. On the other side people may see it as a way to completely shatter a person's psyche. It may be used to ruin a person's reputation and create inappropriate media of them. So what do you think? Cyber-bullying: real or not?