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When I was young, my friends and I used a symbol code something like this...Image in content

Like she I was 7 with my best friend. I wish I could remember how it went. Lol

Maybe not important but it made me chuckle a little. :)

Yes, I have a number/letter code that is unique to me.

We had codes in high school for when we were talking on the phone or in front of adults. Taco bell was my favorite.

I made a few phonetic alphabets and tried to write stories in them. x] They never lasted very long. I would also write in hebrew and gnommish. Phonetic alphabets, man. Fun stuff.

Yup, it's Oltanian. I use it in my stories. It's a latin-based language that takes influence from German, Italian, Latin, Greek, and Arabic. It's still incomplete, but, I do have some phrases and words. I have yet to make grammar rules with it and spelling modifications.,. It's fun though.

Yeah, my friends and I have. Truth be told, I still do with my son. He's better at it than I am, though.

Sorta...Me and my bestie had code names for everyone so they wouldn't know we were talking about them. Lol We were awful.

Yes. Me and my friend came up with code words.

Yes regularly

No, What's the point?

Yes. Yes I have

I made up my own code back in Sophomore year of high school. It comes in handy, especially when I just want to write down my feelings but not have to worry about someone else reading what I write.

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@Caitlyn So what does that say? :)

Nothing really important. I was really bored and I felt like I had a very uninteresting life right now because all of my friends are away for summer, so I wrote: "It seems like everyone has such interesting summer vacations. Like they go on beach vacations with like ten of their friends and post pics of them at all of these exotic locations. If they're not on vacation, they're volunteering, working, or doing some sport... and I'm just like 'yeah, over the summer, I went on the Internet and watched cat videos... a lot'."
lol, yeah. Most of the things I write aren't really important, just random thoughts I have.


thunder is after lightening and lightening can kill people and trees.

No, but it has crossed my mind.

I have invented my own language with my pets since well they don't understand English so I feel free to use any gobbledygook i long as my tone is filled with love.