Will 9/11 ever be investigated?

It's obvious to all but the delusional that the collapse of the WTC buildings was due to controlled demolition and that the commission, NIST and FEMA reports were a complete fabrication.
Even without overwhelming physical evidence it was obvious the Bush admin was involved. Removing and destroying evidence from the scene of the crime, delaying the investigation for over a year then underfunding and obstructing it. Filtering it through the WH and the inane testimony when Bush and Chaney had to hold hands behind closed doors with no oath or transcript.

The reports are a cornucopia of lies and non-science yet some (generally conservatives) are willing to accept the official fairy tale as reality refusing to believe what is right before their eyes.

With the level of horse manure in the official conspiracy theory it's a wonder anyone could have any doubt it was a cover up. I can't figure out if it's denial as a result of cognitive dissonance, stupidity or both that keeps people from seeing reality but this makes the single bullet theory seem realistic by comparison.

Will the truth ever come out while the perpetrators are alive?
I'd have to say not likely.