Will 9/11 ever be investigated?

It's obvious to all but the delusional that the collapse of the WTC buildings was due to controlled demolition and that the commission, NIST and FEMA reports were a complete fabrication.
Even without overwhelming physical evidence it was obvious the Bush admin was involved. Removing and destroying evidence from the scene of the crime, delaying the investigation for over a year then underfunding and obstructing it. Filtering it through the WH and the inane testimony when Bush and Chaney had to hold hands behind closed doors with no oath or transcript.

The reports are a cornucopia of lies and non-science yet some (generally conservatives) are willing to accept the official fairy tale as reality refusing to believe what is right before their eyes.

With the level of horse manure in the official conspiracy theory it's a wonder anyone could have any doubt it was a cover up. I can't figure out if it's denial as a result of cognitive dissonance, stupidity or both that keeps people from seeing reality but this makes the single bullet theory seem realistic by comparison.

Will the truth ever come out while the perpetrators are alive?
I'd have to say not likely.

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It was investigated, just not very well...

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I can virtually guarantee that if you re-examine the evidence there will be no doubt in your mind that it was controlled. The amount of evidence now available is truly overwhelming. Enough to scare the snot out of anyone.

They were renovating the security systems and elevators for 10 months prior to 9/11 and had access to the elevator shafts & core
They also have remotes for charges so direct wiring isn't necessary.

The #1 demo expert in the world said there was no doubt bldg 7 was controlled demolition.
About 3 weeks later he died on a deserted highway when his car mysteriously hit a tree for no apparent reason.

They removed the bomb sniffing dogs 3 weeks before and had the towers totally powered down several times which had never been done before for any reason.

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It's not impossible to set bombs when you're running a new security system and renovating elevators.
They had 10 months of access to elevator shafts and the core.
Bush's brother and cousin ran the security company for the WTC, Dulles Airport and United Airlines

There's one fact that is inescapable. Free fall speed.
The acceleration of collapse is only possible if all resistance is removed regardless of mass.
Bldg 7 fell at free fall for 200 ft.
That's pretty much game, set and match unless you suspend the laws of physics.
Add to that:
They found explosives in the dust.
Molten steel at the bottom of all 3 buildings 6 weeks later.
Hundreds of witnesses to explosions yet the commission didn't even look. (That's a felony).
Video of a blasted out lobby before collapse.

There are mountains of evidence.
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The terrorists wouldn't have access to the buildings or access to the type of explosives in the dust.
Nano-thermite only comes from one place. The US military.
They also wouldn't be able to coerce NIST into flat out lying and ignoring eye witnesses

The fact that bldg 7 accelerated to free fall is proof explosives were used and doesn't require belief in anything but the laws of physics.
Once that is established it becomes a question of who had access to the buildings.

There are dozens of bldgs that burned far longer and much hotter and not only didn't collapse but the structures are still in use.

You either didn't watch the video or you just refuse to believe the facts.

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Where have you seen proof of no explosives?
The building that fell last (7) wasn't even hit by a plane.
They say it fell because of office fires. Office fires?

I have no idea why they fell in the order they did. For all I know somebody just flipped the wrong switch but there's nothing that can answer free fall and the proof is on 100 videos.

You want questions?

Why was the evidence removed so fast and destroyed? (400 trucks a day)
Why were the bomb dogs pulled 2 weeks before?
Why did they change NORAD protocol just before and changed back just after ?
Why wasn't Bush rushed from the school by Secret Service as is SOP?
Why was an investigation delayed over for over a year then under funded and obstructed.
Why would devout Muslims break all the rules the night before?
Why were none of the hijackers on any of the manifests?
Why was NORAD sent out over the Atlantic?
Why didn't NIST or FEMA test for explosives and lie about it?
What created the molten steel?
How does asymmetrical damage cause equilateral collapse?
How do 800 degree fires weaken steel?
How is it at least 6 hijackers are still alive?
Where did the nano-thermite come from?
How does gravity throw huge chunks of building upward and 600 feet laterally.
Why was the lobby destroyed before the collapse
How does gravity create pyroclastic floes?
NASA thermal images showed 2600 degrees burning under the rubble with no air.

Then there's the Pentagon.
. Not only the 270 degree turn but flying that close to the ground is impossible.
How does a 767 fit through a 15 foot hole.
How does an aluminum nose go through 9 feet of steel reinforced concrete but titanium engines vaporize?

You can be 50/50 if you like but you're only lying to yourself.

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I answered your question. You haven't answered any of mine
Still, where did you see proof of no explosives.

Virtually every conflict we've been in was the result of false flag attacks and/or lies and it would happen in any country and has. Even England.

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"our government would not blow up buildings and kill 3000 people"
No matter what the evidence shows.

Irrelevant as it was I answered your question.
In fact I've answered all your questions.
I know you can't answer mine and yet you're still willing to accept an obvious fabrication from the govt you hate even though it has more holes than Albert Hall.

So now your going to play the victim of the bad man who keeps telling you the truth you don't want to hear.


But they had no problem at all using depleted uranium (illegal) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Kosovo and bombing the snot out of everyone in the area and killing a million, largely civilian, Iraqis
You think they'd have any problem at all killing Americans? They wouldn't even bat an eye.
What do you think invasion & war did?
People are still dying from DU and will for 4.5 billion years if it isn't cleaned up..
We not even done cleaning Kuwait.

Do Chickens have teeth?

Cheney is a close to C-man as will ever be revealed to most of us.

There is little chance that
this level of ineptitude will be displayed
again by those in charge.
The only possibility of a repeat of
that level of visibility
(the raw greed that created a "war"
so Halberton could reap untold billions
from American taxpayers)
is the effectiveness and on-going success
of the conservative news outlets in
convincing so many people that
greed is in their best interest.

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No I mean the first time. The commission report is a joke.

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They didn't even test for explosives.
That's not only not science it's a felony.

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You mean like removing evidence from the scene of a crime?
Right, it's such a minor thing. So what if they lied? It was just the biggest crime since Kennedy was murdered. I'm sure that was the only thing they neglected to cover in the "unvestigation". It's not like it hurt anybody and we sure don't want the truth.

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You should have stated that earlier. doing so now makes it seem like you have no rebuttal and are only trying to mitigate your failure

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Regular people on the internet can see I'm not bitching about anything.