Report: Bill Clinton might not be Chelsea Clinton's biological dad WRITTEN BY SCOTT SUTTON POSTED: 07/09/2015, 09:32AM Chelsea Clinton has “secretly undergone a DNA test,” and it looks like former President Bill Clinton might not be her biological father. That’s according to a National Enquirer report released Thursday, which says that Hillary’s former law partner Webb Hubble is likely the father. An exhaustive investigation by The National Enquirer obtained “touch DNA” samples from both Chelsea and Webb Hubbell, samples that were turned over to a nationally recognized laboratory that specializes in paternity testing. A lab official confirmed that finding “does not discount the possibility” that Webb could be Chelsea’s biological dad! Keep in mind, it’s the National Enquirer, and all they are saying is that there is a “possibility” that Bill Clinton is not Chelsea’s biological father. (But, to their credit, TNE did break the John Edwards cheating scandal and was consider for a Pulitzer prize for it.) This isn’t a new theory, however. It’s actually a rumor that National Enquirer reported on almost exactly a year ago, and others have postulated for years before that. That June 30, 2014 report claimed that former Clinton aide Larry Nichols said that Bill had admitted that Hubble was indeed the father of Chelsea. You can also do a quick Google search of “Chelsea Clinton Webster Hubble” and come across some interesting image comparisons that have been out there for a while. Will this have any effect on Hillary’s campaign? Just like the DNA test, maybe or maybe not. Also, just throwing this out there, perhaps Bill was simply talking about Hillary when he said “he did not have sexual relations with that woman”? Alright, probably not.