If "poor children" in the USA are so under fed, why are there so many FAT kids in "poor" neighborhoods

Most people 99% have No idea, what being POOR really means, Most people in the USA have No idea what it really means to be hungry. Try living in a 3rd world country like I have, then you might understand somethings. There are very FEW really poor or hungry people in the USA

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The cheapest food out there is either fast food or foods that are high in carbs.

Because they can't afford healthier foods. Buying a burger at McDonald's is cheaper than buying a sandwich at Panera. Processed food at Walmart is cheaper than buying fresh food at organic markets.

Same reason you are. Too many cheese doodles and not enough kale.

Don't have to eat a lot to get fat and when you're chowing down on cheap stuff you might just feel like shit, if it isn't already just something that'll make you fat to begin with . . . So when don't get proper exercise and burn off the fat, it'll build up.

Really, it probably is more "improperly fed" more so than "under fed" most of the time.

Plus, when you're really stressed out (and god damn I'd be stressed out if I was poor, I don't handle that well), it's easier to pack on the pounds no less.

Ultimately, yes, "starving" Americans may not be "starving" as much as those in third world countries because of a very respectable amount of support for those in need . . . It's true, more likely than not hey will never know what it's like to be at the very bottom of the barrel, completely down and out, literally starving to death.

I don't think that makes their struggle something we all should just ignore though.

In many ways I agree with the description that reads most in the US have no idea what actual hunger is, but I have to admit that in my poor neighborhood there are not many overweight children.

They usually eat fast foods because fruits and veggies are too expensive.

They probably ate the skinny poor kids.

because they are REALLLY very FEW under fed kids in the USA

@Barok because they are REALLLY very FEW under fed kids in the USA

Are you suggesting we really need to have starving masses
in order to be a true capitalistic state?

Just check 'cause its not clear from your
post exactly what your angle is here?

That's easy. EBT.

@Dami That's easy. EBT.

Nope. It is because you rich ladies refuse to shop in the cities so the "whole foods" and the "costcos" build in the suburbs. Poor people have to buy Utz potato chips and canned meat because the corner store can't make a profit selling apples and chickens that spoil overnight.