If someone falls into a certain stereotype too deeply, they're most likely a poser, amirite?

I can't even tell you how annoying it is to see someone posing as someone they're not. It's more likely to happen as a tween or teen, but at a certain age, you should know who you are by now and not let stereotypes define you. Amirite?

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It's easy to spot a poser. Just take in their image and personality and if it is unoriginal they're most likely copying someone else. Also, a poser usually knows NOTHING about the stereotype they're posing as. They only know enough to look like a joke. roll smilie

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I hate that word. Do what you want. Stop worrying about what other people are doing.

@StickCaveman I hate that word. Do what you want. Stop worrying about what other people are doing.

Well, I don't like it either..but it's really annoying when someone is pretending to be something they know nothing about.

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It is possible; people are rarely one thing

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I suspect everyone is a "poser"

Inside any cultural system no one can really be free to be themselves

Possible exceptions might be considered sociopaths or reclusive

Everyone is different, not a category....

"Posers" don't exist.

Saying that someone isn't a "real" (whatever) does nothing except reveal that you're a dick.

Good question. But I'd need and example.

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Most posers/fake accounts I run into follow a certain pattern rather than a stereotype. For example, Facebook is rife with pretend U.S. Army personnel, Oxford students, etc. Their avatars are rather fuzzy and likely stolen.

Hmmmm, that was not my experience. I will not be stalked again, and that has happened to me before. It is why I am careful with my profile, and pics etc...

I don't tolerate niggas who Flexib'

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