Name three friends (not internet friends, who do mean a lot to me but I want this to be a bit different) who mean the world to you

75% here they are 0% I have no friends :'( (aww I'll be your friend!) 8% My friends all stabbed me in the back!!! >:( 8% Janet Janet and Janet! 8% Other
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Ashley, Sara, and my twin Sister Juni. Oh fine you too steph!

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I know it might be an internet answer but Janet, you're the most important friend to me, in the world. You saved my life and brought love, joy, and happiness to me. You're the best friend I ever had in my life and you're the love of my life. I love you Janet and want to spend my life with you.

Always your beloved

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Steve, Tony and my Wife

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Oh this is easy my best friends who mean the world to me are Brad (saved my life), Chris (makes coffee at work for me every morning), & Julie (my shopping buddy). I couldn't picture my life without them.

I do have one more which was my lifetime friend Renee who was like my sister. We were like Thelma & Louise. Sadly she was killed in a tractor accident at the end of October last year.

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