I thumb my nose at HilLIEry amirite?

Let me be perfectly clear, Hillary Clinton: STAY AWAY FROM MY HEALTHCARE SITUATION.

As a matter of fact, stay away from my life, my body and my education.

I am perfectly capable of making my own decisions upon each of these subjects and, quite frankly, I don’t want your nose in any of these issues.

Anything that occurs in my personal life has absolutely nothing to do with you—it is not your business.

Don’t think for a moment I am a poor little shrinking violet who needs you to hold my hand through life; I am not.

There is nothing you can offer me that will make my life easier or better…or more affordable.

If we want to get right down to brass tacks: I would sooner put my faith in Dracula or Hannibal Lector before I would allow you to come anywhere near my person.

Considering the current state of health of the Late Ambassador Chris Stevens, I wouldn’t consider putting you in charge of a guppy simply because there is every indication that the guppy would not survive two minutes in your care.

You have some nerve, Ms. Clinton, if you have even the slightest thought of being a champion of the people.

You, who have spent your entire life weaving a web of deceit about everything you do, cannot possibly believe you have the compunction to help anyone.

All you care about is yourself and how you are going to get ahead of everyone else.

Your first thought is not for the people you hurt along the way; your first thought is an attempt to deny and shift the blame on to some other unsuspecting soul.

These are not the justifiable actions of a leader; they are the actions of a bitter woman who is desperate to keep her head above water—and who finds herself quickly sinking under swift flowing currents.

May your time draw nigh, when all your ill deeds catch up to you, to a day when you will have no further significance in the annals of history.

Your name will hardly be recalled other than in the midst of the evil and hardship you have caused so many for you surely, by attempting to wipe away the evidence of your villainy, have signed away the moment of glory you have so long held in anticipation. amirite?

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Phony, self centered and without character. She will soon be replaced by the party leaders who see a sinking ship. Just reward for a life time of treachery. May she fade away quickly and completely un smilie

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