I will know my sister by her eyes and my brother by his hand. We will build a home together to dwell upon this land. Those who do not share our dream will live among us too, and they will learn not by our talk but by watching what we do.

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Commies are always willing to add to the masses they can control. We watch and we reject. Always choosing the path to freedom. A word that commies cower from. Get a new song because this one ends badly and we all know that. 😎

Yea, I say unto you; the visitors from the south shall dwell in my my living room, kitchen and share my bed. They will eat from my table and wear clothing from mine own closet! They shall not ask, but instead simply take. They shall not be invited, but come anyway. They will bring their criminals and disease with them into my home. And I will ask nothing in in return.

They will refuse to respect my culture, my language, my generosity. In kind, I will give them food, shelter, health care, education, and permission to stay in my house and make decisions (vote) in my house that affect me and my family to my detriment - and I like an idiot, shall ask nothing in return.

I shall talk in ways that make laymen think I am smarter than I am, or that I might be quoting great literary works, but in reality - I am but a jack wad promoting the destruction of my own home.

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Fuck them all Vic. Well said and beautifully written. You paraphrase a common christian song and these douche bags mock you for it.

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Vic you been hitting the bong again I see.