Racial inequality and racism are not the same thing. In America, anyone can make it. Regardless of race, you get out of life what you put into it.

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Correct, and many use the cause of their choosing to pass the buck when they should be looking into the mirror and into themselves for the answers.

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Getting educated in a field in which one is talented in is usually the best answer for underachievers. Along with motivation, as you said. You've just got to resolve to be an optimist.

It is true that racial inequality and racism are not the same thing.

However, it doesn't serve any of us well to deny clearly disproportionate enforcement of certain laws.


Some children never have to chance to elevate themselves from an impoverished state. Native American children have color, educational and, oftentimes, location issues frequently being in remote areas and not having access to better schools or jobs. No one works harder than the poor do, just to keep on keeping on. The children of Appalachia can tell you about all that. Their race is not their issue, nor is laziness. Location and education is key for many.

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As for just a blanket answer, yes, I agree.

Yes, but you are forgetting that certain races are so significantly disadvantaged that doing everything they can will not get them the same in life if they had just been born a different color.

Lolol pls take a sociology course PLS

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