If The Rapture were to be a real event and come to pass, do you think you would be worthy of going to Heaven?

57% Yes 14% No 29% Other
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No one is worthy of going to Heaven unless they believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He paid the price for our sins, so yes, I will be going to Heaven. Because I BELIEVE!

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Am I worthy? No, but because of my belief in the sacrifice, love, mercy of Jesus Christ as my savior, yes, I will definitely be there. I am God's child.

Nah probably going straight to hell.

I wouldn't be worthy .... it would be purely God's grace.

This is assuming I believed in the rapture/Heaven and all that, ight?

@Trish Right. Just hypothetical

Then, I guess, yeah. I've been told I'm a good person, and I can look myself right in the eye in the morning when I brush my teeth.


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It's hypothetical. Just a thought exercise.

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