Could you live in a place that had a hot temperature every day?

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No, I like the change in seasons. Three months of it is enough for me.

No. There's something sexy about seasonal connects people, provides convos with strangers, and makes for exciting fashion changes...

I'd get used to it eventually

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85-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Any temp warmer than 70 degrees is, for me highly unpleasant.

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85! Not a chance. The thing is when it gets warm here it also usually gets muggy...hard to breathe...and it feels smoggy and warmer than 85....

Absolutely not! That was the main thing which prevented me from going down to Florida to visit my mother. We had to live in her air conditioned house most of the time. That's why I made a point to only go visit during the winter time (I live in Michigan) because then the Florida temps were in the bearable 70s and 80s.

Yes, I've always lived in hot climates.

I lived in Tucson for four years, and I hated it. I would rather have four seasons.

No. I need some variation in the weather.

If I had to, I could. Thankfully that's not happening in my neck of the woods.

Oh no way. I am just looking for a place where it is no hotter than 75.

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