You Are a Scientist. Would You Prefer to Study the Depths of the Oceans or Outer Space?

10% Oceans 48% Outer Space 24% Both 14% None of the above 5% Other
doctorwho1011s avatar Jokes & Humour
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I work with both kinds of scientists, and I love peeking into both worlds :)

The final Frontier! Image in content

Will_Janitors avatar Will_Janitor Outer Space +3Reply

Both freak me out.

BuddyCakess avatar BuddyCakes None of the above +2Reply

Actually, I am a scientist and my highest curiosity now is research into trying to find out what the smallest subatomic particles are and how they were formed. That will help us finally know how the Universe began.

Space is always my thing

TomboyJanets avatar TomboyJanet Outer Space +2Reply

Space. It is where we came from.

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To study the future of Humanity is quite always exciting

RobertVonniks avatar RobertVonnik Outer Space +2Reply

My head is always up in the clouds anyways. biggrin smilie

Lil_Princesss avatar Lil_Princess Outer Space -1Reply
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