Is it still common procedure to give other responders up-raves when you answer a Question? And, what about Love-raves?

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I give responders up raves but they don't seem to be very significant on this site. And LOVE raves...who qualifies for those? I've been handing them out fast and furious 'cause why not?

I usually give an upvote and a love (rave) when I like a comment or sometimes when I may not like what someone said but I appreciate how they said it.

More than 3 years ago
"loves" were given out a lot.
Somewhere about 3 years ago
it became fashionable to
give loves very sparingly
(I suspect because the scoring
in the hall of fame changed.

After the Sodahead infusion
loves started flying like bats in a cave.

Historically Amiriters have
referred to
"thumbs" instead of
"raves" as the SHers say.

Personally I would
rather "love" than thumb.
I only thumb down if
I find the response
repugnant to my sensibilities.
I thumb up if I want to see
the comment win the top spot.

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Well, obviously I do, or I would not have asked it as a Question.

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Since you replied to it then clearly you don't have enough to keep you occupied...if that's how you look at it....

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I commiserate. I have one tomorrow...

Isn't it better just to ignore comments you dislike? Down-raving seems so negative....

I'm a big raver. Always have been. I'm just trigger happy that way.

If I agree with the comment I'll up vote it. If it's really good - I'll love it. If it's an Anonymous comment - I'll ignore it.

I rave friends and people I agree with.

If I up raved a reply, than obviously I was pretty fond of it. So why not give a heart rave?

I do both unless it is a comment made by a trolls. I just do it out of the kindness of my heart & never expect it in return. :)

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