I'll begin with an "A" and make up a sentence using a word beginning with A. The next person uses the letter "B" by using a word beginning with a B and using it in a sentence. And so on and so forth...
Keep it inventive and PG.

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To the victor go the spoils.


Indiana is a great mid-western state. It's a wonderful place to live and raise a family.


So many famous people are named Tom; Tom Hanks comes to mind and also ChuckTom!!!! right here on Amirite.

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hahaha. I always say what I mean, and mean what I say. lol jolly smilie

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That should be very easy. I blush a lot and get teased a lot. Not much fun with blonde hair and a red face all the time. lol

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You're a true gentleman....thank you, Sir! lol

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hahaha how low can you go, my friend? lol

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@2101391 it....let's

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I don't do But I like to twist!

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="YouTube video thumbnailameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Ike would turn over in his grave if he saw how people dance now. lol

I was at a wedding this past July 4th and they played that I got up and danced right along with the rest of was a lot of but I paid for it the next day....oh my aching back. lol And I can do the lol

@StarzAbove Ike would turn over in his grave if he saw how people dance now. lol I was at a wedding this past July 4th and...

Here again, or still yet? half hour in the morning, half hour in the evening, huh? lol lol Clean your pigpen, johnnybull. Better get a frozen dinner for your husband too. he will be home soon.

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@Here again, or still yet? half hour in the morning, half hour in the evening, huh? lol lol Clean your pigpen...

Good idea, I'll tell my French maid to just fix a frozen dinner. I have no idea what that is, but you must eat them all the time....probably rather cheap, if you can afford them.

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Of course she is. Rather sad isn't it, when a person is so jealous of someone that they spend all their time thinking of immature ways to demean another. It looks like they don't have much of a life if they have to stalk someone on the internet. Very immature....

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Bullies and cowards are exactly what they are. Whoever this is who is stalking me, is very much afraid of me so they hide behind their anonymous posting. And anyone that knows me, knows that they are lying about me. lol Actually I feel sorry for such a pathetic person who has nothing better to do than stalk and harass someone on the internet. They must lead a very miserable life or have no life at all. They seem to be obsessed with my home and lifestyle. lol Guess they wish they had a life like mine...just saying.

But the mods can find them, and I've been reporting their nastiness, and they will be found and booted.

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Thanks, sweetie!!!!

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I agree....the poster will be getting mad. It's been fun...see you later...


Quizzes are a lot of fun to post and to reply to.


Pretty girls are a site to behold!

I have zero patience for these anonymous people commenting derogatory comments on here.

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Yes, I focused on FB, lists, other names, etc.


Eminent earthlings expected excellent, easily employable engineering education.

We are all enjoying ourselves on a site called amirite.

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Doesn't matter. Good sentence. Not picky.


The lecture wondered widely until finally the speaker simply juxtaposed living in Indiana with the California lifestyle.

There are a lot of people here who are more than mediocre.


Purple is the color of royalty! And beautiful purple flowers!

After the dinner, he gave a beautiful rendition of "Over the Rainbow."

She finally decided to quit her job since she was getting tired of being constantly undermined.

Where's Poppa?


This place seems fine, until you look at it zoologically.


Despite being born and raised in the hinterlands, he grew to be quite cosmopolitan in his tastes and outlook.


Alice Krupke looked spiffy and retro in her vermillion jumpsuit with rhinestone studded seams.

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hahah Used to call my Dad Pop!!!! lol

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Something must be wrong with this site, I wasn't able to comment on this post nor was I able to reply to you. Geez. Did we bring the Sodahead Gremlins with us? lol

This comment was deleted by its author.

Thanks for the info. I had problems logging on this afternoon, and thought it was my computer. And now when I reply to someone the little doo hinky keeps going round and round. lol

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I can't wait to put my Christmas wreaths out....they are all so beautiful.

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Yesterday has come and gone but tomorrow is another day!


That chocolate cake was so yummy....!!!

I took it easy after SodaHead crashed; it was like a holiday....

We used to have cantinas around but I haven't seen one lately.


The holidays are fast approaching, have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Limpid lakes lyrically link locally lightly lowered, lacustrine landforms.

Canada contains some damn fine people...:-)

Jeffrey jumped jaundicely jeering Jersey johns, joltingly jerking jolly jellybeans joyfully June, January...

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Lol - there are no strict rules, only the first word of the sentence needs to start with the given alphabetical letter. Sorry, I have been fooling around with Sukie, and I am also combining my English exercises with fun, but I cannot create a programme for a crossword game, for instance.

Do you think that it is limiting? There are quite a few brilliant brains here - and you are one of them ...

Would you like me to post more convenient sentences?

Questions, whether clever or not, might raise querulous quotations.

smile smilie

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Lol - thank you. And don't forget - we have four national languages; if you had happened to grow up with several national languages, I am sure that you would have learnt (or learned) several languages. And I am still stumbling across new definitions, words or names. So, I don't know if I have much merit.

I was overwhelmed at receiving a bouquet of a dozen roses at work.

My love for cats far exceeds my love for life; indeed, if I could not have cats in my life it is as though I would rather not live.

Is it wrong of me to think of Ecstasy and immediately associate it with a drug instead of an enlightened way of being?

Of all the pets I've ever had the ones that gave me the most pleasure in life were ferrets.

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The slightly dented and badly discolored body in the Garage needs to be discarded to make room for more accumulations.

She gazed on the dead body with extreme horror.

Whenever I have to give a word for the letter K, I almost always think of giving the word for the chocolate bar KitKat.

Opals are beautiful stones with colourful sparkly depths, yet on the surface they can appear milky white.

Seems like the Yukon would be a great place to visit but not so much to live....

It's a good idea to keep some altoids handy, especially when you're on a date....

A great natural phenomena is that of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

After going against the Establishment for years the hippies from the 60s turned into the Establishment.


I've been truly blessed to have good friends in reality and here on Amirite!


There was a lot to admire about Korea; but the fact remained that the natives ate way too many weird meat products.

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Great teeth! lol


Loved that film

A great oxymoron is "honest politician".

When I asked my boss if I could leave early she looked at me quizzically.

Remember in the early days of computers, when every file moved along at a snail's pace...?

What do you say when you discover someone you went to school with enjoys a career as an Undertaker...?

It takes good timing, the right person, and the correct facial movements to employ a darling wink.

A well-followed high-protein diet in the 80s was the Atkins diet.

There is these days something called a Dad Cave, but now there is also a space called a Mom Cave.

Seriously studying the esoteric arts can take years...even decades...


Gargoyles are fascinating architecture and were said to ward off evil spirits.

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No. Is this a joke?

This comment was deleted by its author.

That makes sense. I think I've seen both kinds. Europe is littered with them. And some do look scary.

This comment was deleted by its author.

And some pictures for you - they are really inspiring:


They were subject to whimsy and idiosyncrasy.

This comment was deleted by its author.

I hear it's v. antibacterial.


Kind words go a long way to soften a hostile heart.

His nature was mercurial, which made him fun to be around but exhausting as well....


Om is a magic word which, when chanted can stabilize one's breath and ground an individual.

It used to be popular to go on a 3 day Vision Quest where one would receive information about the reason for their life.


Sasquatch and the Lochness Monster might even be related.


United we stand, divided we fall.

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I didn't know that.

An important mineral which is lacking with most people, zinc is helpful in building up the immune system.


The roses around my arbor are simply gorgeous at this time of year.

Unfair to both cougars and women is that label, especially when men have been accepted with similar behaviours.

Weddings are great for dancing and seeing distant relatives.

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If I log out this page disappears...

I find some people on this site to be enigmas.


I got burnt once, but that was only Gonorrhea.

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I enjoy coming home to see my pets...

I've been to Kentucky and I've found it to be a beautiful country with a really high life style.

One of the bad things about being a woman are painful mammary glands.

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SS and CT liked to needle M at every opportunity.

I got caught speeding; it's then i realized it was the end of the month and the cops needed some more tickets to reach their quota.


Sukie Snowball doesn't live here anymore.

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Sukie was the name of my pet that died in June.

This comment was deleted by its author.

No. We all seem to be drifting about in separate boats.

This comment was deleted by its author.

No. When these have graduated I will be done with pets....

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It is pleasant. It's a Christian word apparently; I got it from my relatives.

The world can be a bleak place unless one holds onto past memories.

The boy went on his merry way; whistling all the while.


You can take the boy out of the country but can you take the country out of the boy...why yes...

She practised paying attention and she was really good at pretending to listen intently....

Kasara got tired of being called Cassandra; she'd never even met one before....

It's easy to forget and very often many people don't get it right.

She won't mind it if you do get flustered...I'm sure she might be flustered, too.


Indeed it would be difficult if someone did come across as if they were expecting too much.

We might even have an enlightened evening experiencing one and other's kundalini....

Kundalini is a major study of Kundalini yoga; a study with a physical embracing of the energy zones of the body.

The practise of Kundalini will open one's chakra (energy) centers and facilitate some astounding results in one's life.

Yoga cannot be done quickly; the sages said that ideally one should have a rest after every pose.

No matter how hard she tried she never found sudoku got any easier.

Even though she was pretty bad at diving, his sister kept trying and remained undaunted.

Since my widdow ferret has a cute little fat bum, she wiggle-wobbles around.


Constantly crashing computers can cause considerable complications.
smile smilie

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Lol! - Hello, Markymark!

This user has been banned.

How are you getting along?

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Chuckling .... That is a long story - overbusy, running after time, juggling with too many different sites and floods of mails and messages.

This is a film I'd greatly like to see...:-)

never too late to do something you've always wanted to....

Going to jail for a couple of days can act like a ladies' kryptonite.


Lanuginose langurs, licking lanciform leaves, like lazy lacertilians.

This comment was deleted by its author.

Thank you, ChuckTom - for your link and for your compliment - lol!

Please transmit a warm hello to K.

I'll try the proposed game.

smile smiliey smilie

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That doesn't sound good; he might have problems, either with following up, if overbusy, or with health?

I remember that several longer "silences" of friends were due, either to work overload, further training, abroad trips or missions with little or no access to internet, to accidents or to health problems requiring longer hospital treatment or curing.

This comment was deleted by its author.

You're welcome smile smilie!

@Marianne Langurs Lanuginose langurs, licking lanciform leaves, like lazy lacertilians.

See Marianne? There below you is our old friend, why don't you send him a message and he will tell you where the Acro Game is....


No one ever said that life was going to be easy; but having a positive attitude does help somewhat....


Obviously oblivious oceanographers organised October offshore observations of occasionally overjoyed orcas.

This comment was deleted by its author.

Thank you ChuckTom - lol!

Have a good laugh, and good night to you; it is noon here, and I will be off for a few hours. smile smiliesmile smilie


Quirky questions quenched quickly quibbling, quivering quails.

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Lol - he he he he!
Dickens quickens "chickens" - lol - but I feel like a turtle, as there is a flood of mails and messages waiting, and I am still trying to get along with some different systems.

Have a great week-end.

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Reasonably Righteous, Romans Really Riotously Raged Regarding Realistic Raves.

I was always a pretend studious student; i always took books home but then never opened them....

Sometimes the most unassuming person can become a fireball.

This comment was deleted by its author.

This game needs some pizzaz... What can we do?

@Sukiesnow This game needs some pizzaz... What can we do?

Try the Pizza said to be the best from Nizza (Ristorante "Les Amoureux"):
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My friend had a gay guy she used to take to functions with her as a walker.


Yemen was certainly not the place to race your '65 silver blue Jag, but Dashiell cared not a whit as he was under the protection of Her Majesty's Secret Service...


Gimme just one reason for staying...

Jovially joking jesters just jammed jelly jugs jerkily.

This comment was deleted by its author.


Here are two cute pictures:

Image in content
Image in content

Going to College opened two doors toward his future; but it also gave him the experience of living on his own.

This comment was deleted by its author.

Really rhythmic.

Steven wanted to query some of what his parents said, but because they were such good Pentecostals he didn't dare and really didn't want to bother...

Steven's parents grounded him for 2 weeks after they found him - behind the shed - sucking back a few Brewskis.

Due to a lack of understanding from his parents, Steven snuck around behind their backs and became addicted to beer.

It was said to be the worst accident in Anytown since 1985...apparently Lance Cleaver's body flew 10 feet in the air before landing in the ditch...

An Amazingly Awesome Arcade Appeared Above An Aquatic Arena.

It was a lovely afternoon before Thanksgiving Day and they all decided to go biking.

The frucking NDP has been calling me every day for about a week...they must be getting desperate.

It serves some people well to exist hopefully under illusions of grandeur.

You must make all the ladies at the office jump inside...:-)


Love Krispy Creams...ergo ipso facto I love you!


Show visual of female being gently ushered out...Stage Right...uttering; Nnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...!

Let's you and I quit the world and run away to Bora Bora; no we can't go to Maui, they would find you in a second. Ha.

We can stop by in Maui once everything cools down; but we need to get used to masquerading as other people. Wigs, etc.

You'd need some sort of disguise while surfing...well, just in case...although it's possible if you bleached you hair white-blonde you might look like the typical surfer....:-)

Zalambdodonta zestfully zapped zeroed zircons, zipping zany zithers.

@Marianne Zithers Zalambdodonta zestfully zapped zeroed zircons, zipping zany zithers.

I'll have to send an orchestra with zithers to you, for a romantic break.

l smiliesmile smiliesmile smilie


"Don't" dump delightful des(s)ert dreams - develop dazzling definitions!

It's important to establish dreams; on a really bad day they can be an excellent fallback.

Randomly Roaming Rascals Regrouped Rapidly, Rediscovering Recreational Rollicking.

It's been years since I visited the land of my ancestors; still I feel close to it...

Everybody escaped easily, especially elves encased in excellent enduring e-wear...ending entering War Zones exclusively.

@Marianne Wow - congratulations, Sukiesnow!

It was actually fun...but i don't want to raise your expectations...or

@Sukiesnow It was actually fun...but i don't want to raise your expectations...or

Don't worry, you are doing fine. Go at your rhythm.

I just crashed, but could get back at once - still, I am slowed down.

Foaming, flabby footballs fluttered farcically further, flattening fashionably folded field flower fabrics.

This comment was deleted by its author.

Lol - a good one!

Poor people put pennies pertaining perhaps pour poverty, personally perchance people possibly post peace pamphlets.

Really ridiculous rackets roamed Rajastan rapidly responding, resuming resonance really rapidly.

S (Sampling)

Systematic sampling surveys secure safer, specific screening solutions, saving sustainable, steadily structured space satellites.

Tippling, temporarily toting triple tots tidily tomorrow till Tuesday then through today.

X (Xenosauridae)

Ximeno Xenicus x-rayed xylophilous Xenosauridae.

@Marianne X (Xenosauridae) Ximeno Xenicus x-rayed xylophilous Xenosauridae.

Thanks for taking the X! Although if I got it I would've gone the old route.

This comment was deleted by its author.

Blushing - thank you - smile smilie - I think that you are both underestimating yourself.

This comment was deleted by its author.
This comment was deleted by its author.

C (Chuckling)
Captivated, Chucky, chuckling cheerfully, contemplated cuddlesome, cute calico cat cubs cavort clumsily.

Fullsome flappers folded frequently, fighting flippantly, freaking falling further for fun.

H (Hot)
Hot headed house hunters had handled haphazardly highly hilarious home hill history.

Increasingly it incitefully ignorantly initialized irritated Icarus.

Oh, Orpheus opened on October, only orphans opened oncology onwards and ongoing.

P (Precious)
Precious purple poppy plants painted picturesque patterns, providing pleasant, pinkish patches.

Quantum Quins Quickly Quieted Quite Quarrelsomely Quiotiuntly and Querulously in Qatar.


Xylophones were played in Xanadu.

@Sukiesnow Xanadu Xylophones were played in Xanadu.

Catching up - lol!


Yes, Yellow Yolk Yummies Yield Yodeling Yipees!

Warren Zevon has a good song he called The Pusher Man.

This comment was deleted by its author.


It's a Christmas tradition to buy a bottle of Bailey's and Benedictine.

E (like Explosive)
Explosive effects endanger entire ecosystems, exhausting, emptying - even eliminating - essential elements, enabling efficient existential evolution.

Feebly, forever Forty-somethings fought fortuitously, failing friskly falling for Florence.

Helplessly hopeful Hermione Had Herpes hotly Happening Hereby Hopping Heroin Hilarious Hyperactively...

Personally, Poisonous Petra Preferred People Personable, Perhaps Poignantly Persuaded...Possibly People Perfecting Personalities...

Taddly Timid, Timothy Tightened Terribly Toward Travelling To Toronto, Till Tiny Tots Taught Treacherous Teasing Totally...

Zaftig Zebras Zapped Zits, Zooming Zulus Zigzagging Zolofted Zangles.

Dumpling Doughy Defiled Diana Dilbert, (Didn't Do Dope, Didn't Do Dopamine, Didn't Do Diddly) Died Dental Death Doing Dunkin's Donuts.

Freaking Freddy Feldman flipped furiously Finding Four Fake Foresters Frooking Facetiously, Fiddling Fondly For Four Fridays...

Hopefully Herbert Held Hands Helplessly Hoping Honey Held Hands Helplessly Holding Herculean Heroism Hypnoticallly Hither-to-forth.

Lazy Larry Lowenbrau Lollygagged Lightly, Loudly Leering Latently, Lowering Love Lastly Like Loners Leaving Leaside.

Nobody Needed Narcoleptic Newsboys; Not Neaderthals, Not Nerds, Never Narcs...Neither Notwithstanding Nanoseconds Necessary Nuisance Never Needed.

Reasonably righteous rigid reformers resumed running rapidly, roaring ridiculously.

Traumatic torturous times totally traumatized Tod till twenty-two terrible toddlers tore Tuesday Through Thursday.

Verbosely Versus Very Viciously, Various Voluptuous Vicars Vaulted Vicariously, Virtue Vying Vikings Vaulted Victoriously.


Xrays are taken before diagnosing various physical ailments.


It's delightful that some people on this site are very gregarious....


Despite loving her iPad she realized it didn't integrate well with Androids; they told her at the Mac Genius Bar it was because Apple Mac was a pure product and that they would not attract viruses and let just any PC software program be compatible.

I've never mooned anyone; I think it would feel slightly embarrassing.

Yes! I am logging the info on my GPS at this very moment.

I've always wanted to travel to the Berkshires; I dunno why, it seems exotic and bucolic at the same time.


A Night At the Opera was a terrific, hilarious movie...I never laughed so hard in my life.


It's raining and cool here; what is the weather like where you live?

It was a morning like any other...yet I could not reconcile to that fact after the many disturbing events of the night before.


Y? shrieked Melanie, Steven's on-again off-again gf who, never made it passed grade she would be inundated with questions about Steven that confused her...

Steven promised himself that if he ever got out of this mess he become Zen and lead a trouble-free life.

Yes, think about some disguise ideas 'cause we might need to get really underhanded about could you wear a woman's bikini while surfing...?

I'm writing a book and you're in it - with this part.

Marianne can always make a good accomplice as she comes from Switzerland.

@Sukiesnow Accomplice Marianne can always make a good accomplice as she comes from Switzerland.

Lol - blushing, beaming, brightening, bouncing, bustling -
blissfully ....

He he hehe smilie

smile smilie

@Marianne Lol - blushing, beaming, brightening, bouncing, bustling - blissfully .... He he

Oops - Here's my intended entry; I was too late:


Buzzing bees boost blissful buoyancy, building biological balance.

It could be that I'm not going to escape to Bora Bora after all - since I have to be here to vote for Our Boy.

it was fortuitous to be entering the Mess Hall as he was leaving; they nodded cordially, and she was happy not to be running into him again until she could compose herself.

Happy Heroes Hurriedly Hide Hooked Harps Haphazardly..

It is almost that time of year when Ichabod Crane comes riding down over the bridge from Spooky Hollow.

Juggling Jesters Jump Jovially, Jollying Jeopardized, Journeying Journalists.

The practice of Kundalini yoga revived him from what he thought might be a terminal disease.

Lovely Little Ladybirds Lightened Loaded Lemon Leaves.

The cutest babies are meerkats; they are my profile icon.

Neither Nutty Nights Nor Neighbouring Newspapers Need National Negotiation.

The National song of Canada begins with Oh Canada.

Pretty Purple Pumpkins, Properly Polished, Paralelled Pertly Pointing Paracress Plants.

One of the only words I know without a u after a q is Qatar...therefore I would love to visit one day.

It's not a good feeling when one feels they've been duped by someone with an underhanded agenda.


Unusual Urban Underdogs Unveiled Unknown, Ugly Urges Under Ultraviolet Umbrellas.

There's a restaurant in town called Wimpy's; so far I'm not impressed.


"Xanthippe xylographed xenomorphic xylophones" - sounds rather nutty, all the more as other categories of instruments are, by far, favoured; that leaves Mickey rather embarrassed ...

Image in content

Isn't planning a quick get away to Yemen just to get out of going to a wedding a bit radical?

Zealous Zealanders zoned zany zeroes, zooming zazzy Zeppelins.

He couldn't sing really at all...the best he could do was mostly alto.....

Bustling bunnies brought buttermilk biscuits, bedded between brightly blosssoming begonias.

It is completely clouded over here today: they said it was supposed to be a nice day but it looks more like a foggy day.

Dazzling dances defy dimensionally delimited definitions, disobeying diversely described developments.

Imperiously, Innocentus Incitatus Idly Improvised Incredibly Ingenious Illusions, Involving Intensely Invigorating Impulsions.

Jumping Juveniles Journey Justifiyingly Jolting Juniper Jello Gently.

Keenly kinky koalas kept kicking knowingly knotty kohlrabi.

Little lovers leapt lightly lowering likewise later, lastly loving Lilliputians, leaving Leavenworth.

M (Molehills)

Mighty Mountains May Make Mostly Microscopic Molehills, Moulding Magically Memorable Morning Melodies.

Nicely nightly necrophiliacs nested nevermind not knowing nightly necro-dances nevermind nasturtiums needing nuances.

O (Operational)

Overly opinionated opponents obligingly observed operational office organisation orders, occasionally omitting outdated outputs.

Q (Quotes)

Quotes, quietly questioning querulous qualities, quickly quash quaint quips.

This comment was deleted by its author.

J (Jesters)
Joking Jesters Jiggled Jauntily, Jabbered Jokingly, Just Jamming - Jeopardising Juggling Jumpers.

L (Lilac)
Lilac ladies led leisurely lonely literature lecturers, lifting lackadaisically linen lined laundry labels.

N (Needle)
Nobody needs new, nonsensically negative needle names, numbering nutty, nonexistent nightwear netwotks - neither now nor never.

R (rescue)

Rotating rangers rescue randomly roaming reddish rabbits, restlessly runnung, reversing roles rapidly.

T (twisted)

Treacherously twisted tests titillate ten thousand talented teachers tremendously, triggering touchy tummiers.

V (vibrating)

Vaguely vibrating, velvety violets vivified very vexingly vapid, vernal vegetation.

This comment was deleted by its author.

Their mother's lecture provided just the right dynamite to shift the kids game into high gear.

This comment was deleted by its author.

I (Interrupted)

Irksome Interferences Interrupted Instantaneously Industrious Interventions, Including Impressive Interactions Inside Internet Infrastructures.

This comment was deleted by its author.

Lol - the "I" was the ideal inspiration - he he he!
hehe smilie

This comment was deleted by its author.

Thank you - lol! I should write under every comment of yours and Sukie's, of course: "good ones", "excellent" or "brilliant" - and often "hilarious"!


Hello CT - we are missing you here! smile smilie

K (Kangaroos)

Kinky Kangaroos Keenly Kicked King-sized Kiwis, Kayoing Kafkaesque Kids Kneading Knobby Knuckles.

Lazy Lax Lollygaggers Limped Lightly Leering Listlessly Like Limpids Lingeringly Lasting Leaving Leavenworth.


Mortimer Mickey Mouse Mailed Merry Minnie Many Magnificent Mozart Melodies, Mostly Mellifluous, Musically Magical Marvels.
smile smilie

Nooooo....Nobody negligently nixed Nostradamus now...never numerating nasty nonedescript nippy novels...not!

O (Optimistic)

Overly Optimistic October Oldtimers Opposed Openly Opiniated Owners Of Opulent Outfits On Outsourced Oases.

Q (Querulous)

Quite Querulous, Quirky Quiz Questions Quickened Queasy Quakes.

Really rabid rabbis reheated ravioli rarely...reasonably reduced reindeer reinvented rapacious relearning regarding renewal...

S (Sublime)

Sublime Sounds Soothe Stressing Sorrow, Softening Sweeping Storms, Sweetening Sharp Sarcasms, Spreading Serene Spiritedness.

U (Uniforms)

Unusually Ugly Uniforms Underrated, Understandably, Utterly Unprecedented Urban Underground Utilities, Updating Unicorns' Umbrella Unions.

Y (Yesterday)

Yesterday, Your Yawning Yellow Yarrow Yardland Yielded Yelling Yankee Yodelers.

A (Alphabetical)

An Alphabetical Alliteration Allegedly Activates Awesome Aspirations, Allowing Artistic Abilities Around Aquatic Adventure Areas.

Boris Banks Bagged Both Babes By Bringing Booze Bottles Before Boisteriously Banging Besides Boinking Bethany's Boobs Besides Belinda's Behind.

C (Cacophonic)

Cacophonic Concert Choirs Can Change Considerably Certain Captivating, Callipygous Construction Concepts, Causing Combined, Conflictual Character Challenging Compositions, Commonly Called "Chaos"!

E (Evident)

Evident Energies Exclude Elementary Episodic Exacerbations, Enhancing Erroneous Effect Equation Examples; Ergo, Economists Easily Employ Elusive, Exquisitely Elegant Entertainment Events.

G (Grumpy)

Generally, Grumpy Grumblers Garble Generously Grieving Groans, Gurgling Gloomy Growls, Gnashing Goofy Gossip, Grimacing Grotesque Grins - "Good Gracious" Gasped George.

I (Improbable)

Improbable, Interrogative Intonations Intrigued Impetuous Investigators, Involved In Intensively Itchy, Inner Imaging Instant Indagation, Inhibiting Instinctive Interactions.

Jealous Jelly-Bellies Jumped Joyfully Jerking Jillian Jefferson Jolly-well Joltingly, Justifying Jejune January.

K (Knickerbockers)

Kinkily Knotted Knickerbockers Kindled Knavish Kinetics, Knocking Kneeling Kensington Kickers' Knobby Knees.

O (Oafish)

Oafish Oarfishes Overslept Overseas' Optional Offers Of Octopus Office Outfits Operating Oceanic Observations On Odouriferous, Organic Oddities.

Soft Sounds Swinging, Sweet Strings Singing: Spring Serenades Spread Slowly, Spelling Seven Surprising Sonnets.

Ultramodern, Ultramarine Umbrellas Underwent Unexpectedly Unconventional, Unique Upgradings, Uncovering Ulteriorly Useful Ubiquity.

Why Would Wacky Wallabies Wallow With Witty Woodpeckers, When Waggish Worms Wiggle With Weeping Willows?


Your Youthful Youngsters Yawn Yearlong, Yanking Yellowish Yoghurt!


Zebras Zoological Zeitgeist sought a Zen experience.

V (Vegetation)
Vaguely vibrating, vivacious vegetation vigorously vitalises void valleys, vivifying verdant views.

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Lol - I'd rather give her the Y - both of you did not get much sleep last night ...

Dynamite Dandydon daily decreasing disturbances differently dispensing dual dynamics.

M (Mind)

Mainstream Mind Mastery Matters Much, Matching Meaningful Mathematical Modeling Methodology, Mostly Merging Multiple, Meticulous Modalities.


Awesome Aardvarks Are Actively Absorbing Ants, Aiming At Absolutely Amazing Amounts And Appetising, Aromatic Amino Acids.

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