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Not my shirt, but I've totally put my underwear on inside out before. lol, that's what I get for getting dressed in the dark so as not to wake hubby up.

No, but I had my boxers on backwards one time. Made life interesting at the urinal. Ha!

Well not work but a cardio class. People I never talked to came up to tell me. ha

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No but I have worn the same shirt all week without washing it because Its a supermarket who cares!

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Pants unzipped? Yes. Button-down unbuttoned? Yes. Shirt inside-out? Not yet.

It was a black shirt so it was hard to notice, but someone did and I laughed and went to the bathroom and took care of it.

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I'd pay to see the dress ya wore...
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omg smilieomg smilieomg smilie DAMN...I forgot about that...was quite a night..wanna play again...
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LMAO..Not to work,but was out partying w/ friends and came home to play a drinking game called Spoons...I went home w/ dress inside out...whew,glad I didn't need to stop for

Not to work, but to a department store. And one of the salespeople commented on it.

I miss button a lot though

BuddyCakess avatar BuddyCakes No I pay attention when getting ready... +1Reply
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