When it comes to the caution light do you slow down or speed up?

27% Slow down... 33% Speed up... 40% Other
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That is why I take the back roads to work & stay off the main highway.

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I have to take an extra 30 minutes but it is worth it. Nobody uses the back roads that I do.

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That is so true. I can't drive in town here people are crazy.

depends on how close to the light I am

It's a judgment call. How many vehicles are there? Is it a busy intersection with cameras? Is there much foot traffic? What are road conditions like?

8 or 9 times out of 10 I'll slow down and stop. Sometimes I don't think I can stop in time so I'll speed up, but here in Indianapolis he have hundreds of accidents every year because people speed through red lights. It really isn't worth it.

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If I slow down I wind up stopping at a yellow or changing my mind at the last moment and running the red

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Depends on how close I am to the intersection.

Slow down,of course..

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Probably still testing to see which is better..

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