I'll begin with a sentence. Then I'll give a word. The next person will pick up that word and use it in a sentence. Be inventive and PG.

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I'd love to have a Vespa. And a Segway.

He was so impressed with the list of sentences that he decided to toss his own two cents into this.

He smiled at his own failures, a sign of either strong character or a waning mental faculties.

Your word: assimilation

Maximilian Schellington stood and looked down at his pendulum which required only the gentlest nudge to begin its rhythmic oscillation.

Your word: sensorium

The decision was not easy, but after much consternation Ned finally settled on the yellow bowl to hold his traditional corn flakes and almond milk breakfast.

Your word: chrysalis

Larry Stigmen's biological attempt at augmentation of goat DNA with human DNA result in a permanent ban from the petting zoo.

Your word: paste

For the second time in ten minutes the public speaking tutor reminded Rosco that repeating the same information over and over made him sound redundant.

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Why would Muhammad Ali change his name from Cassius Clay?

We're all having fun on a site called Amirite.

Your word: tutelage

He might have been behind in all his classes if it weren't for his mother's tutelage.

Your word: impassioned

The refugees are leaving impassioned pleas at all the borders, to no avail.

Your word: enslaved

More strikers gathered at city hall, working up quite a foment.

Your word: arduous

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton's romance could be called tempestuous.

Your word: lederhosen

They all thought I would cave and give up, but i proved to be indefatigable.

Your word: Urdu

He never missed seeing his cousins at holidays since they were all nitwits.

Your word: opium

Some of my ancestors lived until practically ancient; it gives me some hope for the possibility of longevity.

Your word: froufrou

Psychiatrists invented a new phrase for my second cousin, whom they called a Maniac Depressive since most of the time he ran about like a maniac.

Your word: chartreuse...too hard? how about: manipulate

Winston Churchill remarked to his board concerning the upcoming invasion: "And I'm sick of listening to anymore twaddle on this subject! Let's Just Do It!", a phrase which was unwittingly copied by Nike decades later.

Your word: quintessential

They spent many evenings in the same manner: going to the movie theatre, the Orpheum, or watching a live show at City Hall...

Your word: scallawag

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Most little girls dream of becoming a princess but I dreamt of becoming a ninja.

Your word: impressed

His mother was tense whenever she fed him since he was always picky about what he ate.

Your word: smiled

She found it took time and patience to engineer assimilation on a new online site.

Your word: pendulum

He hoped that, all the meds he was taking weren't causing negative side effects with his sensorium.

Your word: decision

We could all be said to be products of a chrysalis; as we are all works in progress and could develop into something beautiful at any time.

Your word: investment

They bought their home years ago; it could be said that it had been a wise investment.

Your word: discerning

Executors have a fiduciary responsibility to their people; however it's been my experience that some of them disregard this and go their own way.

Your word: dichotomy

She was horrified to see that the driver of the car ahead had chosen to spit out his window.

Your word: sarcasm

Johan's intentional use of sarcasm was lost on the kleptomaniac who took things, literally.

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Vic might have gone to sleep.

Next word is: indubitably

I knew a guy named it follows he had to put up with all kinds of jokes in the manner of Ping Pong....

Your word: specimen

He stuck his hand in the hole at the bottom of the house; it was met with a squishy moist sensation...akin to mushy worms....

Your word: slurped

My favourite mushrooms are portobellos, and you thought I was gonna say magic...

Your word: hemorrhoids

After that llama drama last fall I was so taken with the creatures I bought one; he repaid me by filling my tiny apartment with shit.

Your word: miscreant

Is the topic of politics as much of a puzzle for you as it is for me?

Your word: amirite

In Christians religions they say that the wafer at communion represents the host...the body of Christ.

Your word: augmentation

He enjoyed sniffing glue so much that it eventually carried on to his munching on glue paste.

Your word: redundant

Hi! is the equivalent of Bonjour in French, Hola in Spanish, Guten Dag in Dutch, Aloha in Hawaii and Om Shanti or Namaste in Hindi.

Your word: recluse

Watching someone check the dipstick and change the oil in your vehicle is different than actually doing it.

Your word: Yogi

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@2103579 got me...I'd hoped for Yogi Berra who died today at the age of 90...

I like McDonald's, they have done well in upgrading their products but my all time fave is the egg McMuffin.

Growing older is one thing but getting senile as well hits people a bit too close to the bone.

Your word: shallow

There has never been a word with a much impact on the listener as the word uttered by Jason as he touched the tip of the golden spindle and spoke, for the first time in human history, that word which has never and can never be used in any other context.

You word: belittle

I love that voodoo that you do so well...

Your word: slick

Jane Austen loved her relatives and friends; even though some could be a bit highfalutin.

You word; Igor

He could not get over it; how his extra fat would jiggle when he moved.

Your word; stupendous

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I come to a climax in books or stories. With people I know very little of it is yet to be determined.

Your word: date


I come to a climax in writing books and stories. Regarding virtual strangers is yet to be determined.

Your word: date

"Let's have a 'date' night" she said breathlessly. "I'd like to get to know you better!"

Your word: mischievously

It takes balls to play the banjo well; duelling banjos in that movie was an emotional experience for me....

Frank Zappa is well remembered but for what? Wasn't there some show he did featuring elastic drugs...

Your words: snow, crazy, love

GGah! Unfortunately she had to fart just as she was taking the Stand, and then afterward, she couldn't help barfing in the Volkswagen of the guy who drove her home.

Your words: hat, curb, insistently

In a room that was painted apple green but with a king sized bed, i ate his large wienerschnitzel.

Your words: tantamount, engorged, feather

Tara was my widdow baby cakes up until 6 months. She then began crying incessantly until I felt like shrieking Shut Up! It was at that point that I felt I might become a slipshod mama.

Ever sleep on a waterbed? Not the best place to do yoga...or to eat french fries...or cookies for that matter....

Your words: mustard, incriminating, zealous

They were at their wits end after the 100th rendition of I'm Henry the Eighth I Am...Harvey finally shouted: Must you do that?

Your sentence: I'm the Greatest in the World!

He had a football jersey with the number 69 on it; he knew that if he wore it to work he would get razzed all day.

Your number: 108

Aaaaaaaaaaargh,..! cried Bertha, futilely attempting to bat away the spider while her son looked on admiringly. "Mom...thas brllllth!" he cried. There was no love lost between them as she snarled her last words... "a pox on ye...! "glub...glub...glub...glub..." said the spider.

Your words: adipose, putrid, vermin

Yami Kumushi survived to live a happy, wonderful life. However not so much for her family who got hit by the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima. She moved to Manilla and tried to put the past behind her.

Next: 55, hermit, yellow

DaShaneesha was shocked to learn Herman was 55,but her eye was transfixed on his hair,"Your words will no longer have any power over me or my pet starfish,and gluten will set me free"!

Your words:starfish eye

Bella got up...hastily donned her clothes and raced out of the Dr.'s office...with him screaming "Come Back!" in the background while his nurses never batted an eyelash.

Your words: lazer, conditions

Is Perter North still alive??? Bella had a horrible visual of Ron Jeremy,
and any thought of a squirt brought on puke smilie! The traffic lights glowed red,like a cold sore on the lip of a svelte fluffer,but Bella had to keep going."Jimmy Sucks a Sponge"was a movie Bella HAD to see!

Your words:transmit,green,blubber

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As president and CEO she was supposed to give a speech at the luncheon. As she walked up to the podium in her tight-fitting fire-alarm red mini dress, with all eyes on her, she resisted the urge to scream: help! my underwear just bit me!

Your words: Neville, piece de resistance, huggy bear

With the Nazis pressing forward...countries falling and the Allies experiencing pain and more pain...release came with the advent of Canadian soldiers storming Europe...and the Nazis finally subsided...

Pick 2 words and a 3 word phrase.

Once Upon a Time...and it still exists...the land where people never grow's the place that guy went to when he went to sleep and came back 100 years later....well that place exists and it is tied closely with Atlantis...

Your words... Seriously? I was sure they were going to win...

Waldo was filled with recriminations. She was after all, his sister who had taken care of him when mom and dad left. Even when he was lost in a crowd she found him - by his smell - she maintained.

His remorsefulness continued into depression where which it became conceivable idea - in fact the only idea to end his life and the window on his left - well it was there for a was there for him!

Waldo jumped to the ground with a splat...the next day the cartoon in the Times honoured his memory by printing a Where's Waldo with the Splat being in the shape of Waldo...

Your words... Honestly...mediocre...Totally.

The angels got tired of Waldo's whining, and following the instructions of God...gave him a light slap upside the head and sent him back to the Cold room...the room everyone stayed in when they arrived....

Your words: miserable, forgiveness, charming

After playing Bingo - which the Aussie, a dead ringer for Mel Gibson - referred to as Binger - they all lingered in the lounge drinking Stinger's with a twist of ginger.

Your words: average wage, declined, bankrupt

They took so much blood from him that at times he felt like he was being sucked dry; at other times he felt he might wake up as a vampire. Still the oozing pustules that covered his body remained; although some of them had become ugly scars. He sighed. One moment of carefree glorious loving and these were the consequences....

Your words: 290, dropped, slimy

There might be many ways to escape one's life but one of the ways in Hamilton, Ontario is to drink oneself silly...hic! burp...! Do the lives in this town have the ability to resuscitate? It might take a miracle...or a sprinkling of fairy dust to make that happen....

Your words...autonomous, degenerate, desperate

There was a restaurant in TO called Long Dong Silver...OMFG...I meant to write Long John Silver... Anyway a bad storm in the 90s ripped it apart and it was sadly torn asunder...

Your words: Precious, Red, crash

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My statement above pertains to John. He keeps trying to throw us together....:-)

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I might be drunk too. We'll throw up together, romantic, n'cest pas?

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Slow,, slow, slow...

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We're officially boring!

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You tell all your gf's that upfront?

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Oops - are you still stuck with "hot, McDondald's, extraordinary"?

This fog here inspires rather a good old solid dish, like the Papet Vaudois, a dish with leeks, potatoes and sausage: (the authentic sausage is the "saucisse au choux", i.e. sausage with cabbage - delicious - or the "saucisson vaudois", furthermore, I would rather use some thyme and a bay leaf than nutmeg).

My proposal would rather apply for a warm or hot summer day:
McDonald's hamburgers, enjoyed with a mixed vegetable salad and a big glass of water, remind me of a hot, sunny day, brightening a wide, extraordinary landscape.

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And now he's blocked me and probably you, too. Mature.

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Oops - I forgot confused smilie

Image in content

Hugs to both! smile smilie

After the wedding, even though Marko's wife begged him to give it a rest, he dragged her to visit his uncle...on whom he secretly had an unrequited infatuation all these many years... On their way (many ellipses later) to catch the train they stopped off to see the wobbly gent at Queen Street.

Your words: fabricated, concept, nevermind

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Marianne might be busy.

@Sukiesnow Marianne might be busy.

Oops - yes confused smilie hello smilie - doing my best to catch up with things.

What I liked about the Jefferson Airplane show was the attempt at clenching their buttocks. Since I had a back view their exercised buttockes really paid off...for me... The fine tasting pork based hotdogs were also a hit that evening...

Your words; Kawashka, sleeping, cheetos, almost.

Gliding around the peninsula in his Jag, Bertram closed his eyes for a split second and drove into an embankment, causing a brief increase in British Leyland's financial outlook for the month. Bert got off on the defense that the sun had momentarily blacked out his eyes and that it was his first offence. Due to his injuries he spent months in rehab - thankfully forgoing his stupid job - and since the Jag was easily susceptible to corrosive effects, Bert assumed he was due a new vehicle. It was either that or take a donkey.

Your poison: cinnabar, alchohol, fondling, Wayfarin

I sank into oblivion regarding politics in my early years. It was but a snag in getting to know the opposite sex, although we had a daily Current Events. But even knowing just the rudimentary of politics I realised my parents hated Gorbachev.

Your torture: escape, guillotine, fire

At the tractor pull the Spice Girls, wearing thong bikinis, were an oddity, while bouncing on the trampoline together.

My subconscious says: In vino veritas, google, otter, neverland

We've had a natural rumble or two here, but it's been mostly the after effects of hurricanes coming from the southern jungle areas and causing a pimple of problems on our landscape.

I know you will do great with: betwixt, juvenile, girlfriend, what the heck

"What the heck is kneecapping?" shouted the attractive girl in the bar while sipping her iodine martini, partaking of her lobsters app with MC Hammer drowning out everyone in the background.

Better you than me: hopeless, diva, Crabtree & Evelyn, accident.

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While dealing under the deck, Marianne, a supposedly simple school girl asked, "Do you suppose that even the flagpoles got covered with lava in Pompeii?"

Heaven Can Wait: scuffle, tofu, ferret, ostensibly

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Think I should start a new Word Game? It takes me forever to scroll to the end of this one. It might also be a way of getting New People... Amirite isn't SodaHead.

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nevertheless we might get more people if we start over... Amirite doesn't have the SodaFeed which is how we got a few people on SH.

My experiences of Europe? We were driving a Seat throughout France, and we also ate a lot of gorgonzola. There were a lot of ladies in our group wearing combinations of pink and pinky clothing... It was rather a conservative trip on the whole....

Welcome back: stereotypical, short-changed, heartthrob, dynamics.

My boyfriend was playing cricket on the day it happened. We were all gathered to watch the game - in the bay area - and generally just milling about during the interval...when a scream pierced the air...the kind of scream that makes all your hair stand up....

Have a nice day: trouble maker, zombie, whenever, song

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Heh heh...put a donk on it...nice techno beat...

(trouble maker, zombie, whenever, song)

Whenever a trouble maker bothers this special meeting, play the song "Lily the Pink" at top volume and let the zombie dance the moon walk!

Your words: moon, dance, meeting

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I am not fighting with you ... your old friend needs a kind word - we want both of you back in good state. smile smilie

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You don't need to leave this site, and you don't need to change yourself or to hide your feelings. Even best friends can disagree and must find a way to accept each other with their faults and their treasures, and to improve themselves and build their relationship together, step by step.

You are young and there is so much to discover. All of us need to grow inside, and it is not easy to "carry a heavy burden over a stony path", without a friend to help you - and you have several sincere friends. Give them a chance!

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Well, one singer felt like being 2000 years old (Michel Sardou). He must have also gone through periods in which he felt very old and tired. And even an old "mummy" (besides the two widely used definitions - poor mums - also a bituminous substance in old Egypt) might be of good advice.

I think that there is difference between a "fish monster" and a "nice" guy, and sometimes, the fish monster is the "good guy". Listen to what your heart says.

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I know, it might not be easy to be the youngest in a group - maybe that we are behaving like worrying friends or even like parents. But if you were in our shoes, you might feel the same way.

And try to look more into humour, this one is about thinking before you speak. Try to slip into the role of this mother, and remember: this could also happen to a father, older brother, or uncle:

Have you ever asked your child a question too many times?
My three-year-old son had a lot of problems with potty training
and I was on him constantly. One day we stopped at Taco Bell
for a quick lunch, in between errands It was very busy, with a full dining room. While enjoying my taco, I smelled something funny, so of course I checked my seven-month-old daughter, she was clean.
Then I realized that Danny had not asked to go potty in a while. I asked him if he needed to go, and he said ‘No’ .. I kept thinking
‘Oh Lord, that child has had an accident, and I don’t have any clothes with me.’
Then I said, ‘Danny, are you SURE you didn’t have an accident?’
‘No,’ he replied.
I just KNEW that he must have had an accident, because the smell was getting worse.
Soooooo, I asked one more time, ‘Danny did you have an accident ?
This time he jumped up, yanked down his pants, bent over, spread his cheeks and yelled ‘SEE MOM, IT’S JUST FARTS!!’
While 30 people nearly choked to death on their tacos laughing,
he calmly pulled up his pants and sat down.
An old couple made me feel better, thanking me for the best laugh they’d ever had!

Have a good laugh and a nice evening!

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Good to see you laugh!

Here's another one for a good laugh - and it is for all ages:

It's that time of year to take our annual senior citizen test. Exercising the brain is as important as exercising muscles. As we grow older, it's important to keep mentally alert. If you don't use it, you lose it! Below is a very private way to gauge your loss or non-loss of intelligence.
Take the test presented here to determine if you're losing it or not. The spaces below are so you don't see the answers until you've made your answer. OK, relax, clear your mind and begin.

1. What do you put in a toaster?

Answer: "bread." If you said "toast," give up now and do something else. Try not to hurt yourself. If you said, bread, go to Question 2.

2. Say "silk" five times. Now spell "silk"

What do cows drink?

Answer: Cows drink water. If you said "milk," don't attempt the next question. Your brain is over-stressed and may even overheat. Content yourself with reading a more appropriate literature such as Auto World. However, if you said "water", proceed to question 3.

3. If a red house is made from red bricks and a blue house is made from blue bricks and a pink house is made from pink bricks and a black house is made from black bricks , what is a green house made from?

Answer: Greenhouses are made from glass. If you said "green bricks," why the heck are you still reading these??? If you said "glass," go on to Question 4.

4. It's twenty years ago, and a plane is flying at 20,000 feet over Germany (If you will recall, Germany at the time was politically divided into West Germany and East Germany .) Anyway, during the flight, two engines fail. The pilot, realizing that the last remaining engine is also failing, decides on a crash landing procedure. Unfortunately the engine fails before he can do so and the plane fatally crashes smack in the middle of "no man's land" between East Germany and West Germany . Where would you bury the survivors? East Germany , West Germany , or no man's land"?

Answer: You don't bury survivors.

If you said ANYTHING else, you're a dunce and you must stop. If you said, "You don't bury survivors", proceed to the next question.

5. Without using a calculator - You are driving a bus from London to Milford Haven in Wales . In London , 17 people get on the bus. In Reading , six people get off the bus and nine people get on. In Swindon, two people get off and four get on. In Cardiff, 11 people get off and 16 people get on . In Swansea , three people get off and five people get on. In Carmathen, six people get off and three get on. You then arrive at Milford Haven. What was the name of the bus driver?

Answer: Oh, for crying out loud!

Don't you remember your own name? It was YOU!! Now pass this along to all your friends and pray they do better than you.

PS: 95% of people fail most of the questions!!
Read more:

They had their meeting on a full moon - a time when ALL meetings should be held. Afterward there was a celebration: food, wine and a dance.

Your words: double, incestuous, fairgrounds

Proud Mary was "rolling on the river", far away from Dylan's "rolling stone", but relatively close to the Rolling Prairie. Heidi, saddle up, it's high noon!

While riding through the big valley, we talked about the definitions of: river, noon, far away

It was the fringe-dwellers who finally made changes that forced Society to change... Just simply an indentation of it were, which caused pimply youths all over to sit up, clench their teeth and shout... I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!

Good morning from Canada with: silly, sanctimonious, aarvark, Mesopotamia.

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My uncle the teacher told his pupils stories of his growing up years in the Western parts of Wales. We never tired of the anecdotes rife with assholian doings of the Welsh with some other their sheep...those stories - while not exactly suitable - drew us like the moth to a flame....

Good night with: recovery, addiction, juniper, rituals

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The soup kitchen was lively that afternoon with the favourte lunch being pea soup. There was even music serenading them afterward, which eventually had to cease due to the sound of the tambourines invoking screaming babies....

Play with your Inner child: buggy, pink blanket, sucky, toddle

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Isn't Marko working?

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I left the last one...

buggy, pink blanket, sucky, toddle

The fiery little Barb horse was trotting cheerfully, pulling a bright red buggy along a dusty country road. The passenger, a sucky looking oddball, wrapped in a pink blanket, was sleeping against the shoulder of the coachman, who watched a drunk tramp toddle off to a nearby bench.

Remembering an old song about a little, white horse, the words "fiery, bright and dusty" are popping up.

On a dusty day in August the sun came up fiery and bright, scorching any greenery left on the earth. Only some trees remained intact...they stood stolidly the appearance of ''been there, done that.''

Your words, take it away with: linseed, climate, hopeful, bees

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It was hunting season and he was both anxious and raring to go out. Elibigle birds had been majestically diiving and swirling in the air above the forest and he thought: If only I can get a portion with my trusty hunting knige, then maybe that *** bitch Elvira would look up at him in awe.

Stoop to conquer with: humility, eagerness, dancing, smooth.

Yawn. It was just another day on the carny circuit. A man with three buttocks strolled by...looking weird in his day-glo underwear. Chuckie with his talking parrot were standing off in a distance. And there must be sauerkraut for lunch since mister Hitler was making tracks so fast he was almost a blur. I returned to my spam for some more normal entertainment. Debbie...a hot MILF...does Dallas! Oh and there's Andrea...who spreads her legs, not just for men but also women....
I smiled. All was well.

It's still Monday here: Remembrance Day, helicopters, witty, snuffly

According to the original story, the crew of the Galaxy Star Freighter had to pass again a series of cognitive tests, and some additional trap questions were delicously naive ...

And the smart team became very creative with: question, trap, naive

Sometimes a question on here can be such a trap it can trip one up...leaving you thinking: Was I that naive?

Remember Remembrance Day with: Armistice, celebrate, the end, home, soldiers.

I borrowed Calvin's time machine after I had my experience with time travel. It turned out it was only a brush...and was really an astral dream...brought on by reading Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. His second book...I can't really say it was full of turds but it left a lot to be desired.

Scratch yourself and proceed with: honky tonk, limited, dinky, tutti-fruitti

For years in my garages I have collected old treasures: ancient vehicles, a 30s submarine, and an old quadriga... i look forward to showing these items off to friends when they dine at my house....

Challenge yourself with: Notwithstanding, Tums, irritated, haircut

It was the empty oil can which gave me pause...nestled beside the world map which gave me another pause.... We were on the highway to nowhere - not exactly at the fusion core of many societies - so it was odd, startling even, to see the oil can and map off on the side of the dusty road...headed for nowhere....

A warm welcome with: hoosegow, banana, germs, millions

Breezing through the summer's evening in gym shorts, a tank top and on my motorcycle...inhaling the summer scents of clover and hay fields... I thought...could life get any better?

Start your day off with: dirty, veldt, rain, hopefulness

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The doofus is here. :-)

@Sukiesnow The doofus is here. :-)

Lol - that sounds like reporting on duty.

Image in content

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I am here again - Europe did not feel like laughing, lately, and me neither.

But here's a hopeful approach, found on-line:
Image in content

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I am so sorry to hear that. I'll send a word to him. I don't know what to say, so I will simply send a very classic message of sympathy to him.


I hope that he will be back soon. I'll keep in touch with you and Sukiesnow.

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The symphony orchestra was starting to play a waltz, when a young captain presented himself with an elegant bow and invited Allison, who was still fighting with her cumbersome crinoline gown.

Your words: awkward, play, symphony orchestra

After the symphony orchestra finished playing...there was an awkward silence... The audience did not know wether to break into applause or laughter as the conducters pant kept falling down slowly...

Your words: tutti frutti, salvage

I was careful to never let it out that some of my distant ancestors were Nazi.

Your word: brouhaha

I would rather eat fresh food; food that hasn't been subject to irradiation.

Your word: homeless

According to Anne Rice, a person can be made into a Vampire by one carefully chosen bite from another Vampire.

Your word: adventurous

Santa has to be jolly; sometimes the Christmas season can get depressing for some people.

Your word: undertaker

It was only after several verbal scrimmages with my mother that I finally got my way....

Your word: abducted

Episcopalians tend to dress better at church than, say Protestants.

Your word: Pinata

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That might help your ribs; just a thought...

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Add some whiskey. Soon a delicious soothing heat will surround you and you will drift off blissfully.

And remember, Cat's piss is like Buckley's mixture; it tastes horrible but it works...!

She found that most people started off life with an ego, and that it took years to wear it down so they began to resemble ordinary folk....

Your word: concur


Banana Republic was originally meant to be a retail outlet of reasonably priced yet authentic island wear...but, whoa, it didn't take long for their prices to escalate.

Your word: incorrigible

Sometimes when I'm complaining about something I really think what I'm saying is meow, meow, meow.

Your word: mellow

If you've ever broken or fractured your ribs you're in for a treat: the gift of a ceaseless pain which makes you feel like they are piercing all your inside organs.

Your word: indomitable

Stay tuned for the next installation and the question is: Will they eventually meet up in some sleazy motel somewhere?

Your word: dirty

Hitler's family tried hard to resuscitate Marko - a very distant relative - and they were finally successful...

Your word: Eva

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ha...I just got's late...

No one knows much about Eva; information about her remains as silent as information about their bedroom activities....

Your word: excitable

Little M never enjoyed wearing diapers; his mother (RIP) caught him on several occasions doing his business in the litter box....

Your word: accoustics

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No but perhaps soon.

Larry turned bright red when he saw his fiancee listening.

Your word: posthumously

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Nah. My sentence is out of sequence. Your Finnish fast typing beat me...

This comment was deleted by its author.

Her favourite toy growing up was a pet monkey. Her favourite toy growing up a bit more was rubber lingerie....

Your words: smell, automatic, sophisticated

Muttering my curse under my breath (see above for curse), I hurried through the mile-long graveyard at the stroke of midnight, in order to meet my friend, Jack of the Undead.

Your words: Can't wait for Hallowe'en.

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I'm trying to sneak the loves in later...hoping people won't notice...ha.
What... Al Quaeda is after you? An how're the ribs? Ready for cooking?

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Yes. I'll bet you did. It's the small stuff that matters...

Why did I join the Foreign Legion? Mama told me not to, just before her last breath...leaving me in the hands of evil aunt and uncle... So I fled...for the Foreign here I am... It's 105 degrees and I am firing shots irregularly through my cement window... Rat-a-tat! Rat-a-tat...! It's the only thing that keeps me awake....

Your words: a line from a recognizable song...

While out dining with friends at the Plaza, Jem Brown got a coughing fit. They plied him with water and decent scotch...eventually sending him home...with Jem still coughing. Jem coughed his way up to his 3rd floor brownstone into his apt. and coughed his way through a large bottle of brandy. He eventually passed out, still coughing, and woke up later croaking, his vocal cords all shot to heck. After a day he finally stopped stopped as quickly as it began. To this day no one knows why...and it's become part of an ongoing joke with his friends...

Your words: I had too many shots of tequilá

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Well, ''coughing fit'' is still spelt right. We never determined how many sentences were necessary or unnecessary...

You picking on me?

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@2110715 word was good, but it was the two of you that made it into more words and that made it more interesting....

How did it get there? That hole in my brain. Was it the summer they put me in the hospital when i was a child and being treated with what they told me was an ''overexcited disease''? I think that may have been it. i felt fine before and now i feel disconnected and lethargic. i dunno. They say ''i'm better'' now, whatever that is...but i still don't like the hole in my head.

Pick your own words or one consecutive phrase.

In every life some zonkey must creep...and it certainly did in mine. It was all due to the murder or was it because of it? And as everything began to unfold...I was holding my breath...because as you know, things that happen significantly...always happen in drei.

Your words; lamb, danke, significant

While Lime Ridge Mall isn't a bad mall, some irreverent souls still wish to refer to it as Slime Ridge Mall.

Your words: Chop, Grand Marnier, Lemon

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It's called loving yourself... You piss me off, too.

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Shut up d*ickhead

As a women with plenty of time and money...she kept trying to drag the Stud to the bedroom; after three times he finally caved with a gasp...

Your words: appeal, yuck, run

Fortunately for the Stud, one of his earlier fans recognized him one morning. His Fan, having made it big on the Stock Market, whisked away the Stud off in his limo to his suite at the Savoy, where people plied him with decent champagne and cleaned him up.

Your words: job, reinventing, karma

His Fan gave him a job as his assistant; and the Stud set about reinventing himself. It took a while and there were many drawbacks, because as everyone knows, Karma is a B*tch.

Rollo the Third was an oaf, and it was while sharing a loaf of bread with him that Mario managed to sneak him some poison...and thereby snagged his girlfriend...the great and lovely Firenze.

Your words: hot, McDondald's, extraordinary.

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More like too caught up in your love life. A genius never gets bored with Word Games.

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So? no more loving me?

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You love your son more. Et tu?

@Sukiesnow You love your son more. Et tu?

... "et toi", unless you prefer Latin?
I'll be back l smiliesmile smilie - hugs!

I never knew that aspect of you...that you could be so easily swayed. And stop trying to throw us together...

My words: proposal, fog, summer

All summer long he planned his proposal; when the time came, and he had it all planned...he couldn't do it... So instead he did it at the most inopportune time...when he was driving her to work on a Friday...with the world blanketed with fog...

Your words: popular, indiscreet, therefore

He tore down the beach...with the cacophony of shells in his ears far behind him... Ahead there were white flags and a sense of freedom; he knew that if he went past them he would be sued by the US government for leaving the army...for breach of promise...he would rather be stationed in Finland then endure that humiliation...

Your words: blocked, funny, attitude, nevertheless

It seems that people are blocked on here without any regard for their history... It's a funny attitude which I say is nevertheless a bit sad....

Your words: heartwarming, small animals, cold outside.

When temperatures grow cold outside, on the brink of winter, small animals curled up near in their warm, cozy nests, or in our arms, are a heartwarming sight.

It's just happy being back together with friends like John and Marianne.

Your words: jump, fake, Sunday

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Smiling and chuckling with another hug to both of you! smile smiliehehe smilie
l smiliel smilie - 1 heart + 1 hug for each of you!hug smiliehug smilie

After church the heavens opened and, with hilarious timing, poured down on the church-goers... Sandra laughingly got soaked even down to her 600 dollar Louboutins. "Oh well," she philosophized " long as Randy was holding her hand everything was going to be alright...."

Your words: buzz, terminal, voting

One of my favourite Goldie Hawn movies is Private Benjamin. In that movies she is so adorable and full of game that jealous people tried to bring her down by snooping on her. Goldie tends to take roles in which she is constantly being marginalized, although she is victorious in the end.

The common side effects of valium are sleepiness and lacking coordination, further memory loss and drunk-like symptoms; this drug is, unfortunately, often used recreationally, and in many cases alongside with alcohol or other drugs. It may be fun to see a patient under the influence of such narcotics stumble over a door stop instead of the threshold, as often seen in old slapstick movies, but in real life, the consequences can be disastrous.

Fun: YouTube video thumbnail
Stumbling in real life:

Being online and at a loss for words is different than reality and stumbling in real life.

Your words: Neverland, hurry, fun.

No need to hurry, little friends, Neverland is only a movie dream, and there's a lot of real fun waiting for you, a few steps ahead ...

Your words: dream, steps, friends

I had this dream last night. In the dream there was a long corridor with many steps at the end of which were several friends waving and welcoming me on...

Your words: reticent, purity, infomercial

True poets often feel reticent about participating in some infomercial, as they hesitate to alter the purity of their emotions with noisy propaganda.

@Sukiesnow My words? I know it's easy to forget...:-)

Oops - I forgot again:

poets, emotions, purity.

@Marianne Oops - I forgot again: poets, emotions, purity.

You can choose other words than what's in your last sentences...

@Marianne Indeed - you are doing great!

So are you! Easy to get back into the swing of things...amirite?

@Sukiesnow So are you! Easy to get back into the swing of things...amirite?

Smiling and chuckling - thank you. The expression "to get back into the swing of things" sounds really nice.

It is the purity of emotions shown through the pen of poets that have given us a glimpse of heaven.

Your words: funeral, exacting, today

funeral, exacting, today

Today, safety measures and legislation may involve exacting requirements for an official funeral.

Your words: official, measures, safety

@Sukiesnow You see if you give me words from your sentence I can turn around and use your sentence!

I am glad that I can give you inspiring words. I am trying to use as much as possible words from my sentence, which allow to form another sentence. l smiliesmile smilie

The new Prime Minister of Canada and his family decided to change their official residence since 24 Sussex Drive needed a lot of safety measures to bring it up to code.

Your words: african, living, such as.

Even nowadays, a large number of African children from 5 to 17 years are engaged in child labour to help their families to survive, with the decreasing of natural resources and the increased cost for living.

Your words: scarce, natural, resources

Natural resources in this planet are becoming scarce although you would not believe it the way people are acting.

Your words: trucker, escape, protection

Trying to escape from the busy highway, the trucker chose a secondary road through the forest, but after a sudden downpour and reduced visibility, he decided to seek protection from the "floods" at a small inn and have some lunch.

Your words: forest inn lunch

After a long day of journeying through the forest, Lord and Lady Elwen came upon an inn, where they could at last have a lunch and a bit of respite.

Your words; humble, plants, balls

The rather lame performance of the song "Kiss Me, Baby" led to predict an annoying concert event, and the audience started to yawn. But suddenly one of the guests yelled "STOP IT!", and threw an overripe tomato at the band, hitting the big drum ...

Your words: tomato, drum, performance

Look over there!
They are showing Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street" with Raphael Ravenscroft's saxophone solo - hey, don't "you dare do another fudging crunch"!

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Lol - I suppose "crunch" with the other "f" word; I'd rather not use it - maybe that something like "silly", "thundering" or "blistering" could be funny?


Oops - I forgot again to give my words - embarrassed chuckle - lol! hehe smiliehehe smilie


And with all that, I forgot to share "Baker Street" - a great sound!

YouTube video thumbnail

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Right, like this one:

YouTube video thumbnail
(I am just listening to it)

Some time ago, a jogger wanted to take a short-cut over an uneven, rocky ground, hidden by a dense vegetation.
What did he say to his colleagues, when they found him with the foot caught between two rocks? "Oh my, oh my, my foot is stuck ...!"

Your words: hidden, caught, vegetation

It's fun when there are hidden tiny cameras in the rainforest and the antics of animals get caught maneuvering the dense vegetation. It's both a wonder and a thrill.

Your words: suffragette, underhanded, charming.

In former times, the term "suffragette" was used to mock mostly female, often charming activists, fighting for womens rights. Many underhanded attempts aimed at discrediting their campaigns and their representatives.

My words: uphill battle, debt, easy.
Sometimes being in debt can feel like an uphill battle...the type of issue in life to which there is no easy solution.

Your words: protection, lucky, phone.

@Marianne I forgot again - my bad ...

Don't worry about it. We'll work around it...and like I said I used to forget regularly...still do sometimes and then I have to go back and do a Reply to myself.

@Sukiesnow Don't worry about it. We'll work around it...and like I said I used to forget regularly...still do sometimes and...

Lol - thank you; yes, we should take things with some more humour, and the "confused" smiley is worth a good chuckle - lol.

There is no absolute protection against unpredictable events and risks or against human errors, and an unexpected phone call may bring good news to a few lucky ones ...

Your words: risks, errors, news

Oh no, not marshmallows, whether the industrially processed, pale imitations or the original medicine basing on the plant named Althaea officinalis, used to treat a sore throat, they remind too much of "pain or lust killers"! But love is blind, as long as passion burns ...

Your words: medicine, passion, imitations

Being around someone schizophrenic can be an unsettling experience...they are not easy people to be around... I hear drinking pineapple juice from a sizable pineapple contains enzymes which can calm them down, and level them out...

Your words: baby, wedding, happy birthday.

A scuffle over the last fragments of tofu ensued. The ferrets won over the rats. Ostensibly it was not their first fight...

Take it on!: sludge, hammer, telethon

You know when you're not thinking with your right mind when you start thinking of an infatuation as enduring love, and wanting to be with them all night long! And playing love songs is another indication.... However going for a long drive to see someone might indicate that it //is // serious and also indicates you're willingess to take it to another level...

Next: yellow, touch, master, space

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Go ahead. M's gone and who knows when M2 will stop being busy...

This comment was deleted by its author.

Yeah well...still not going anywhere... Don't want a you and her type thing going on...

@Sukiesnow Go ahead. M's gone and who knows when M2 will stop being busy...

Lol - too funny, M2 must confess - blushing - that she is still late confused smilie (oops) + redface smilie (for blushing) + hehe smilie (for chuckling) ...

Reality always rears it's ugly head... Oh it's not so's the voice of reason....and it's always there unless you are schizophrenic. You wake up one morning only to realize that the kisses have stopped and the fun ends...and yet life goes on....

Have fun with: life goes on, baby, ready?, necessary.

When I moved the last time I left all my old candles since they had been dripping wax all over the place. We brought my sofa and of course I was lifting it on the end, and as we climbed the stairs the person on top took a break and meanwhile I was shouting: OMG Don't STOP!! Another **** with my back from that time.

Keep truckin' with: life, underestimate, groovy guy

We flew from jFK to Paris on the red-eye to enjoy a few bouts of drinking champagne and some shopping. Last time I do the red-eye. My eyes were dry for both days and I left my Restasis at home. Of course.

Show off your style with: pizzazz, Toyota, unstoppable, star-struck

THIS GAME IS CONTINUED ON: Can you make a paragraph using 3 words?

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We can keep this one up if you like...I know you don't react well to change... yet you and Marko have both left at times leaving us dealing with change and putting up with your tantrums. Cut us some slack.

This comment was deleted by its author.

Notice I don't criticize you? I don't know why you like wasting your time. Say it once...and I'll remember...

ChuckTom needs and wants other people to blow the whistle on him.... He's like a pigeon with a leafblower...and can go all out of control unless he has people calling him out of order once in a while.... Otherwise he can be an **** once in while...certainly.

Work on it: sufficient, at my wits end, calm, old

As it was High noon the boys went down to the swim and refresh their dusty bodies... It was far away and they had to hurry to be back for the bell...

Wake us up with: cello, murder, heaven, Urdu

Clean and brush your suit with care and don't forget to take your camera with you.
At the show, they will expose, among other treasures, the original models of the time machine, of James Bond's submarine Lotus Esprit and of Ben Hur's quadriga, and the programme includes the movie "The Da Vinci Code. As the polo game has been cancelled, you will not need to collect the turds.

By the way, don't forget to analyse: submarine, quadriga, treasures, collect

Rammstein's metal and hard rock tended to push boundaries too far, dividing opinions about their brutally intense, often provocative, violent sounds; in opposition to soft, harmonious songs and the imagery of amazing landscapes or cute, "downy" pets, their controversial shows, involving dark, partly militaristic and **** scenes, earned them repeatedly harsh criticism from defenders of moral principles.

Whether covered in clouds or groggy, a witness will probably meditate over:
dark, brutally intense, amazing, scenes

The trees were silhouetted in the dark, shuddering occasionally with the brutally intense jolts of lightening... The amazing natural scenes were startlingly depicted in the background as Heathcliff fiercefully pushed on toward home.

In remembrance of France: in vain, karma, hopelessness, vengeance.

They finally rested in the afterglow of their love...themselves they turned to one and other and asked: What was your name again?

Your happy words are: Touché, could have been, mouse, rare

To hump or not to hump...that is the question.

Your word: possibilities

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Just a reminder, darling. We met before you met K.

@Sukiesnow Just a reminder, darling. We met before you met K.

And dumped me for K, I might add. No hard feelings. And thanx for the reminder about climaxing.

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I meant from my paragraph above...guess I didn't make that clear...

The international contest on Sunday was a mere fake, as none of the participants could jump properly on the overly soaked grounds; the whole event ended in a hilarious, rather muddy festival.

Your words: event, soaked, hilarious

Of course, I happen to be at my wits' end when hearing or reading certain confusing words or sentences, which might be overly naive or refer intentionally to unnamable insults, and giving either rise to uncontrollable giggles, or to a highly inadequate reaction. Even a sly old fox would struggle to remain calm, and, eventually, take first the time to reflect about how to proceed properly - at a sufficiant distance from negative interferences.

A nice break would be welcome, all the more with the words: giggles, confusing, distance.

Young Jerry looked at his too quickly emptied plate and cast a hungry, envious eye on the delicious fruit salad, topped with whipped cream, which was waiting in a big bowl on the service board. But all the other guests were still enjoying the main plate. Then, the waitress turned up unexpectedly and proposed an extra portion of mashed potatoes with another piece of steak, mushroom sauce and mixed vegetables. Instead of yelling hooray, he gasped a discrete "oooh" with a happy smile and then, added: "Oh yes, some more please"! The dessert could wait for ten more minutes - there would be still enough space in his stomach to deal with it.

While savouring your dinner, meditate on: potatoes, mushroom sauce, vegetables, salad

While visiting some very distant cousin, a Daihatsu named "Silver Dahu", on vacation in the Swiss Alps, "Chevy Impala" enjoyed a rather fatty purification and rejuvenation cure with chewy gum and iron mechanics.

Check, occasionally: on vacation, distant cousin, purification, visiting

Given words: hot coffee, oyster stew, crackers

Sure that I would refill my thermos with hot coffee, but I am not so keen on oyster stew and crackers. I'd rather have a "classic" picnic, like mixed salad, eggs or cheese and bread - with gherkins - and a piece of fruit cake!

This comment was deleted by its author.

hehe smiliehehe smiliehehe smilie - lol - I noted yours because I couldn't see them any more, and with that, I forgot again, as I couldn't stop giggling about an old sarcastic song on a picnic including gherkins (cornichons):

YouTube video thumbnail
(see pictures for the translation)

asparagus, eggs, with gherkins

This comment was deleted by its author.

Indeed, the song was recorded in 1966 - the yé-yé years, but it was an evergreen, heard very often on the radio - throughout the seventies and later on - with "Le téléphone", spelled and pronounced "téléfon", "Mirza", etc. smile smilie

@Marianne Given words: hot coffee, oyster stew, crackers Sure that I would refill my thermos with hot coffee, but I am not...

By the way, if you prefer cooked oysters, try them grated, with Roquefort or Parmesan and asparagus cream.

The butler, Jojo Bouche-Cousue, while starting to serve the champagne with a slight, elegant bow, stumbled accidentally over a guest's cumbersome briefcase and spilled the champagne all over the boss, his neighbour, their dishes and the foie gras plate. There was a sudden, embarrassed silence, and right at this moment, a waiter appeared at the door with the dessert, chocolate coated strawberries topped with chantilly cream ...

Logically, the waiter's foot will get caught in the carpet "à la Laurel and Hardy" - wait, till the giggle is over and try to cool down with: starting, elegant bow, cumbersome

@Marianne The butler, Jojo Bouche-Cousue, while starting to serve the champagne with a slight, elegant bow, stumbled...

Bouche-Cousue ("bouche cousue" or "motus et bouche cousue": mum's the word - and "fermez la bouche" is decent enough - lol).

This comment was deleted by its author.

Lol - he was one of the most popular comedians, you might remember the gendarme stories:

An example:
The English Lesson
YouTube video thumbnail

This comment was deleted by its author.

There's also the scene in the turkish bath (The Great Stroll - Funès, Bourvil, Terry Thomas):

The salvage operations attracted a growing crowd of spectators near the wharf area, to which the refloated wreck was being towed to be put in dry dock. An ice cream salesman was already selling tutti frutti, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice-cream cones.

Your words: crowd, ice-cream, refloated

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