It is much easier to sleep when you aren't supposed to then when you are.

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Its so true! Otherwise I keep myself awake with the thoughts hurry up and get to sleep!

That's not restful.

However on a day I wakeup and find what I have to do is cancelled or I call in a personal day, I sleep like a drunkard!

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I get some weird ideas at night though man. Fears about nonsense like time travelers changing my life, and "fridge horror" (After the fact) about movies, and shadowy things touching me

No doubt!

My mind ramps up at night. It sucks.

My crush kept me up a bit longer..but I didn't mind one bit.:)

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Tell me about it. :) My sleep is short but good during late nights.

This a question that speaks to the pointlessness of your mind set. So wize up and get a clue as to what's happin 😳

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lol!! I honestly have no idea what he's referring to. It sounds politically driven but this is far from a political question. Maybe he got confused?

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