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M & M's :)

I don't have a favorite

LOVE those things. Though I'd never turn down a Reese's Cup or some Sixlets either.

Puck_PHAETs avatar Puck_PHAET Caramel Apple Lollipop +1Reply

spongebob krabby patty gummies. Also anything thats like a multipack, or has something cool and like when I was a kid I got a toy once

Snickers, Skittles, sour gummy worms, and Almond Joy.

The normal stuff. I like twix, kit kats, reese's, and a few chocolate eyeballs. Lol!

Damis avatar Dami Other +1Reply

It was a close time between Dum Dum Suckers & Carmel Apple Lollipops. I love suckers & lollipops l smiliebiggrin smilie

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