Have you ever created characters (for a story, rp, etc)?

My Ocs are my precious little children and I love them to pieces despite the hell I put them through!

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Haha! I spend most of my mental time at work thinking up new stuff and half of it I forget though.

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And then I get lazy when I get home so my ideas get ahead of me

I once created a character
for a children's book

"the Man Who was Part Pickel"

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lol ok thats out of context but Zoe is a cyborg who went through a lot in her life and the little antennaed girl is Waani who is totally out there and has a luna lovegood approach to life.

I had one of these classic hockey board games when I was a young lad. My center's name was Krol Kramol. He was from somewhere in Europe and you couldn't stop him. You could only hope to contain him.

Actually, the reason he was so effective was because whenever he scored, I would yell Kroooool Kramoooool (like the soccor announcer who says goooooooal), and my opponent would bee annoyed to all hell.
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back when i was young i used to turn my emotions and thoughts into characters that talk to each other in my head

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yeah but i had way more than five

I have a few that have no purpose yet. They've created themselves but I haven't found a use for them yet.

Yes, I have :)

@RobertVonnik Yes, I have :)

Like, I mean, I got ideas in my mind to make ocs

Just been busy

@RobertVonnik Like, I mean, I got ideas in my mind to make ocs Just been busy

So maybe, once I get the chance, would you like to hear my ideas Janet

Yes, I write a little.

Yeah, I've had to create a few OCs for the fan fiction stories I write.

yeah. i mean i draw all the time haha

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