If you were forced to live in one of the following places for the rest of your life which would choose, Library, Museum, or Mall?

56% Library 13% Museum 28% Mall 3% Other
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11 29

I could read horror day and night.

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Smart thinking. The museum I go to has a vending machine however the snack date back to the prehistoric era.

Assuming places like Domino's still exists, I'd have to go with the library.

It would have to be a museum I think I'd like, like MOMA, Smithsonian or Guggenheim. Since there is a gift shop, that would take care of books and snacks too. The mall was tempting though with the food court and bookstores and pretty things. Library wouldn't happen...there's just not enough books without words, but man could I ever get some good sleep there. hmm smilie

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Now that's thinking outside the box. Ha!

A Mall would have everything I need.

But it would have to be a very big one.

I like this question. Would there be other people in the place I chose, or would I be all alone? All alone forever?!? Never mind. I'm better.

A mall is the only place with food.

You have everything you need if the mall is big enough. Food, Clothes, Shelter and entertainment.

I'll say a mall - provided they had a couple of book stores, and a furniture store. Then I could read all I want, I 'd have the food court for eating, and sleep in furniture store on 0ne their beds, and I could have a lamp for reading in bed.

Probanly the mall because I like to shop. I wouldn't mind living in a museum or library either because I love to read and study. :)

You can have food ,clothing and entertainment.

A museum where I could play with the exibits and like dress up and stuff, cuz then I'd be an egyptian queen one night, an amazon warrior another, and a dino riding cave woman the next!

When it's time to sleep,i don't like noise..

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They have:
food courts

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