Do You Have Family Members Or Friends Who Have Been Diagnosed With Schizophrenia?

I know many. Some have it mildly and can still reasonably function. Others are bad off and it breaks my heart to see it.

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My cousin .... unfortunately, she took her own life. This was many years ago, and treatment options have come a long way since then.

@Sir_Whatz Sorry to hear that, Jan. Was she institutionalized at the time?

No, she had been, but was deemed "safe" to live at home with her husband and two small sons. About all the institutions had to offer back then were shock treatments.

im schizophrenic and so is my mother and her brother.

Not that I know of.

Diagnosed? No. dad and uncle.

After being misdiagnosed and treated for ADHD for years, supposedly my cousin was. I'm not entirely sure though cause my mother has a tendency to lie about stuff like this. I've never asked him about it and don't intend to.

My late grandpa on my dad's side was diagnosed with it.

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