Days that I forget my earrings, I feel so under-dressed. Is this true ladies?

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Shocking! hehe smilie

I miss them when I'm not wearing them.

I've nearly stopped wearing earrings. I used to feel naked without a necklace, but most of the time these days the only jewelry I wear is my engagement and wedding bands.

not me, really. I feel dressed up when I DO remember them

Yep! Especially now that I wear my hair short. Even if I'm a mess that day, I want earrings. Always.

I used to feel that way when I was younger. Now I'm like whatever. Today I forgot to wear earrings but I was like screw it. Lol

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I used to, but I have swirly glass plugs in 24/7. I just wear my other earrings when I feel like it or if I think they might close soon.

I don't do jewellery unless someone puts it on me. I don't touch them normally, but if they come off, I won't put any on myself.

If I forget all my piercings then I'm underdressed

Also when I forget one of my rings.

Yea I cannot leave the house without them or my makeup.

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