If you could only where one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?

6% Red 42% Black 13% Blue 4% Green 0% Yellow 7% Pink 8% Purple 6% Orange 14% Other
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Same here 85% of my wardrobe is black.

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Sure does!


Those UPS guys get a ton of action

My favorite color. Image in content

Image in content

Wearing one color would be boring.

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@Cezar Wearing one color would be boring.

Not really. I wore black for years. Remember when you're wearing it you're not looking at it...

Red would be my color to wear for the rest of my life if I had to choose.


Black is the sum of all colors.

Pink is a flattering color on just about anyone and any skin tone. And I love it!

It's neutral

Black, like my soul. emo smilie

Blue,it's calming and peaceful.Like the sky.

I guess it would be black .... but I hope I'm allowed to use color accessories :)

Purple, my favorite color.

RIP yellow haha

It seems to work in saints row. It works for tomboys if darkened it can even look black. Though Red is my sex color. HEY is that the world of color in DCA

That way I won't offend anybody.

Black isn't a colour.

Safety orange..

@DandyDon Safety orange..

Oh I know I couldn't pick that color.

where are you from? this question makes no sense at all. Plus if it did it is still unworthy of being posted at all!!

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