Do others compliment you on your handwriting but you don't think its that great?

60% Yes 35% No 5% Other
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See that is what I think about mine but a while back the VP of our company asked me to hand write something because I had the most incredible handwriting he had ever seen.

You don't know who bad I wanted to say "You haven't seen much have ya", lol


In grade 8, our homeroom/English teacher had us all re-do our cursive because she wasn't satisfied by the way everyone wrote. Then she would specifically make a point of telling me how I wasn't doing it right, it was too small and messy and it looked like a child's scribbling. Every line that we had to do of cursive, she had red lines over all of mine to correct them. My regular writing is just illegible scribbles. Every student was impressed by how small it was and every teacher wanted me to at least write bigger or use a school laptop.

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Some teachers I purposely wrote worse and didn't check what I was writing and I'm pretty sure some of them just guessed and passed me out of pity.

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Oh I don't think that your arrogant, lol. I think it is great that ya like it. :)

Especially in architectural drawing classes while I was in school. I would get compliments from others on my lettering and it's really just my everyday handwriting.

I get "complimented" because it looks like a doctor's

Everyone knows it blows

Everyone Knows Mine is bad lol

@AllStarCheerSteph Everyone Knows Mine is bad lol

Oh I always think mine is bad but I get compliments on it all the time lol I just don't see it

Those that think theirs is bad I always think is pretty.

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