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From the article, "This is the first known case of an IRS agent using an audit to sexually abuse an unwilling victim."

An unwilling victim? The first case they know of? I doubt it. The IRS needs to go.

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I didn't, but we should.


"...the biggest engine of malevolence ever contrived by the darkest hearts of man." - Wow! A perfect description!

Are you a writer? Is that original? Cuz, seriously - that's good!

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You're welcome.

Let me guess, you're libertarian, right?

A bastard will use whatever power they hold to make a show of your being powerless against them. Abuse of power by a piece of human filth.

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One could argue many things, doesn't mean it'll hold water.

I highly doubt that was his first time abusing power.

@Cezar Too many government workers take advantage.

Not in this fashion they don't. And, frankly, for the number of federal employees I have worked with, I've found those to be (thankfully) few and far between.

hang him high, they are all crooks

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