Combat Race Mongers By Changing How You Think by Mychal Massie

I would be willing to venture with a high degree of certainty, that one of the top three reasons for the acrimonious zeitgeist of disunity in the United States today centers directly upon or tangentially upon issues having to due with race.
Barry Ritholz, the Wall Street wealth management giant, accurately points out that there are 20 cognitive biases, which directly affect individual decision-making. Specific to same, I find his number “16 Salience: Our tendency to focus upon the most easily recognizable features of a person or concept; his number 17 Selective Perception: Allowing our expectations to influence how we perceive the world; and his number 18 Stereotyping: Expecting a group or person to have certain qualities without having real information about the person(s);” particularly noteworthy for discussion purposes herein.

I wish to address the problem of racial assignations within a narrowed scope of these cognitive biases. The most recognizable feature, i.e., “Salience” of a person is their skin color. And the inculcated predisposition to focus on same as a means test for legislated reverse discrimination cannot be overstated.

America and thus Americans have been conditioned to see skin color and then refer to it as “race.” The problems with that are manifold, not the least of which there is no such thing as race. The concept of race was a construct of Adolf Hitler, used as a means of validation for asserting Germans superiority, his murdering of Jews, and his thirst for world conquest.

I would also interject that the predisposition to focus on skin color as means of assignation encourages bigotry and a mentality of victimization based upon a subscribed to orthodoxy of inferiority.

I have had several conversations in the last days with persons who identify both animate and inanimate objects in color-coded terms. One person groused with me when I refused to abide the assignation “black church.” I questioned no fewer than three persons this week alone pursuant to why it was necessary to identify me as a color-coded conservative. My question to them being: “Does your assigning a color prefix in front of conservative make me more or less of a conservative?”

Inherent in racial assignations is a myopic heterodoxy of a putative “Selective Perception” which is by definition the purest form of “bigotry” even though said is most often an unconscious attribute.

The aforementioned go hand-in-glove with “Stereotyping” which is equally conjoined to bigotry and inferiority complexes.

I know what I have just said is a lot to digest because it requires a deeper and more focused examination of self than most individuals have seldom if ever taken time to assess.

This is why my new “think tank” the Racial Policy Center is of such importance for today. One group of children are being taught they are privileged and inherently insensitive for no other reason than the color of their skin.

Another group of children are being taught that they are the descendants of slaves and that persons who do not share their physical features pursuant to skin color ad nauseum cannot be trusted and seek to do them harm.

Mammoth industries have been created to manage the cognitive conditioning of both groups and they have been massively successful in their stated goal of identifying people as good and/or evil based solely on skin color.

We cannot claim to be color-blind if we speak in color-coded words, sentences, and phrases.

It is up to you and me to combat this divisive and Erebusic heterodoxy from the pit of hell. I have both witnessed and experienced success in my work to open the eyes of people.

We are Americans. There is no hyphen in America. To affix same is as evil as was the mind of Hitler who saw value in dividing people based upon a nonexistent construct for the singular purpose of self elevation.

I’ve written this to encourage and stimulate discussion based on the examination of one’s entrenched perceptions. If you want to know more and/or if you want to discuss this with me, contact me. In the meantime ask yourself if now is not the time we need the Racial Policy Center. And if you say no, then I ask, when will it be time?

Finally you will notice that I made my point without resorting to the diminished articulation of color-coded assignations.

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Combat Race Mongers By Changing How You ThinkBarry Ritholz, the Wall Street wealth management giant, accurately points out that there are 20 cognitive biases, which directly affect individual decision-http://mychal-massie.com/premium/combat-race-mongers-by-changing-how-you-think/?inf_contact_key=592d045cea0b17a50d76a24eb9bf61782d647b2908bd51bd50147f6212362db0/
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