Name three things to your left then three to your right GO!

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The right side is awesome!


There are many dogs!

left -n hutch, trash can, coffee. right - dogzilla, catenstein, TV

Left: Disneyland Official Album, Katniss Doll, Disneyland 5 day park hopper ticket.

Right: Jurassic World T-shirt, MIB II VHS!!, and WONDERBALL!!!!!!! (A ball shaped like wonder woman idk i got it at six flags cuz I couldn't stop laughing at it)

kleenex, printer, purse and lamp, globe, uhaul box

Left: A laptop, cellphone, and a post-it note.
Right: My mouse, picture of my family, and a Dude (Big Lebowski) bobble head.

Cell phone, vapor pen, McDonald's chocolate shake.... package of Oreos, tape measure, small Hershey's chocolate bar.

Lamp, crystals, lip gloss / Books, pet ferret, facial spray mist

Left: three books (Bible, Spinoza's Ethics, Plato's Gorgias)
Right: Box of tissues, Box of toothpicks, bottle of Radenska

walls...i dont have a lot of stuff...

Left: In-table, chair, lamp
Right: Cell phone, In-table, cat

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