Do Viewings At Funeral Homes Or Just Prior To A Funeral Service Make You At All Uncomfortable?

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I grew up in a family tradition of very long "wakes" at funeral homes, and it made it more difficult for me to get back to my memories of the person I knew in life. I've prepaid my cremation and an urn graveside service for myself.

Not particularly. I've been attending funerals since I was six, starting with my dad's. Unfortunately, when you attend so many, you get rather used to it.

Yes, kind of. I have found it especially uncomfortable when I'm pretty sure the deceased would not have been comfortable with it, like my mom.

IMHO, they're absolutely barbaric.

Yes! This is why I never look at the dead person. I prefer to remember them alive!

Not really, but It depends upon how the person died and if there was trauma involved and how well it was disguised. Up to this point, I have not been uncomfortable.

Yeah, it's pretty creepy.

Oh it makes me very uncomfortable.cry smilie

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