Do you prefer carpet or hardwood-type floors?

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I prefer carpet. It's much easier to vacuum than to mop.

I currently have carpeting throughout the house (except kitchen/bathrooms). When I can afford it, I'm thinking of putting in hardwood flooring with some comfy area carpets.

carpet is soft but I hate vaccuming...

I like hardwood flooring with area carpets...

Depends on the room. Hardwood is nice in a kitchen, dining room, bedroom... while I prefer a carpet in the family and living room.

Hard, like maple.

I have carpet, but I'm seriously considering the hardwood floor route. The carpet shampooer and I aren't getting along at the moment.

I have carpeting throughout except for my entryway which is hardwood and my kitchen. My master bath is also carpeted, the other two not.

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That would give you hard wood..

Hardwood floors, it is hard to slide across carpet while wearing socks

Hardwood,carpet is too hard to keep clean,holds a lot of dust.

Doesn't matter if you have the best vacuum/steam cleaner,known to man..

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